AI Trading = Future of OTC?

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I am someone who has always had a degree of interest in artificial intelligence. More specifically, I like to see how it will affect the future of areas that I am passionate about.

Investments and trading fall into that category.

I just read this press release about a company that is going to rollout an AI chatbot come December 2019:

In it, they outline a few of the things that the AI chatbot can do. Namely, it will work in a communicative way and allow its customers to engage with the bot on a more "human" level -- ironically.

Instead of having to go through humans and make calls to place OTC trades, the chat bot will enable full automation of the process so that the customer has more control over their own privacy and doesn't have to give their info to a human person on the other line.

I think it's an interesting development. It is most certainly one more trend in the direction that we all know and want to see in crypto and the rest of the world -- full decentralization.

So rather than have a company behind the AI chatbot, I'd like to see everyone behind it... As in, full privacy but fully open source. Anyone can use it but no central entity is on the other end of the panel.

What do you think of this? Will AI take over all of our trading some day?

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