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If I was somehow able to get Steemit to become as successful as Facebook it would have a market cap about 10,000 times higher than now so one Steem would be worth about $1,435.

If I was somehow to make a bullish blogpost that was actually supported by the community for once I think it could potentially cause the price to spike by %1 which would add about $500,000 worth of value to the Steem blockchain. Feel free to focus on your stupid precious downvotes though and your silly moronic flagwars and enjoy your massive investment losses a lot of you have incurred but whatever. At least I never bought any Steem and only lost out of time and money I could have earned from working and spending less time on

I did take some action to fight #abuse. I think I will send a bot to it and promote the post so feel free to go ahead and #protectthepool and downvote it to maybe help raise the profile of the post and help fight #abuse. Although users don't get dinged at all like users it is still annoying.

I think my downvotes should be removed and counteracted. #abuse

There were 232,409 STEEM transferred in yesterday but I guess some if not all of that could just be a coincidence.

Rules seem to be more important than me and the price of Steem so I think I may soon respect that and focus more on Leo and and helping to raise the value of the Leo token. :) #truce lol I wouldn't mind trying to help Steemit try and compete with Facebook but it seems "interesting" to me that pennies worth of downvotes are more important than billions worth of market cap. "Interesting" decision but I do respect it.

Congratulations on protecting the reward pool though. :) Maybe I can help raise the price of the Leo pool instead. I did help spike it once and "maybe" I can do it again.

I'll probably do another protest promotion and then after I get flagged move my Steem over to and continue my power down. I might do some protesting for sport but maybe you thugs can sick your prescious mack-bot on me? I'm not sure who runs it although I think I could figure it out if I bothered to try. I think Mackbot could pretty much finish me off and help people realize #newsteem and #oldsteem both = #bsrules and #censorship and #fascism I think it's important for users to know how #realsteem works.

As I mentioned before to those of you bad with math my account has about 1,150.151 Steem power. If you divide that by 1,200,000 accounts it means that a "brutal" #rewardpoolrapist like myself has cost the pool about .0009584592 Steem per account. I am unable to transfer .00096 Steem but I guess I could transfer you .001 Steem if you would like reparations particularly to those of you who have downvoted me. If you do the math .001 Steem is worth about .00014 pennies worth of "damage". I might able to mail a few of you #poolnazis a whole penny if you want.

If you feel like an idiot for downvoting me congratulations on your reading comprehension skills and enjoy a photo of the current price of Steem from the #pricenazi to the #poolnazis.


Unless things change between now and tomorrow this will be my one and only #steemleader post. "Maybe" tomorrow I will be #leoleader? :)

Sunday 10-6

1258.809 Steem 1,761.598 Leo


Flagged for bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards

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There were 232,409 STEEM transferred in yesterday but I guess some if not all of that could just be a coincidence.

Poloniex exchange is delisting STEEM on the 15th, so that's probably why the increase.

Although users don't get dinged at all like users it is still annoying. users are users. users are users. are users.
dTube users who login with their STEEM accounts are users..
etc etc etc..

How can you increase the value of STEEM when you don't seem to know much about STEEM..

Actually users are also steemleo users, creativecoin users, users etc etc since SteemPeak provides awesome access and usability for all the tribes under one awesome roof!

Checking out is on my todo list. lol I think I have been to the site once or twice.

With Leo doing so well I have a tendency to hone in on it. I will try and check out the steempeak market next week though.

Yeah I think I just read about that yesterday. does not need "might" be better off without

I try and use which hurts and helps

You "might"want to consider switching over.

I don't think you are familiar with Leo yet and I think you underestimate my familiarity with the Steem blockchain.

I currently think Leo will continue to go up in value relative to Steem.

This post has received a 51.52 % upvote from @boomerang.

Thank you for the support which I did legitimately pay for of what I feel is my severely underpaid post. Hopefully in the future my posts will become more properly valued.

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I love how some of these whales created the very bid-bots they are now penalizing people for using.
I don't make a huge profit off of bid bots. in fact I make just a tiny speck more than I would under manual curation. I just use the bid bots to get enough votes to be seen. Otherwise I would get buried under all the shitposts.

Keep in mind that anything you post on Steemleo and any other tribe site also gets posted to Steemit.

I pay very little attention to the politics around here. But I did just do some interesting reading. It amazes me that most can't come to the conclusion that this place needs users more then anything else. No social media site can survive without them and they are being scared off this site. Not only are users leaving but they are leaving with a sour taste in their mouth for the STEEM token. Which means very little chance of them ever considering to invest in the token.

I'm thinking about making a post regarding the current #NEWSTEEM which basically is downvoting bot users. Which can be a positive thing if done right and with consistency. Of course everyone is free to use their weight as they see fit even if it means it turns this place into a ghost town with nothing but the die hards left.

I sort of thought the same thing but from something I read last night that apparently may not be true. Someone mentioned on another post that the more users the less in the pockets of the upper tier. With price so low one way to make up for it is to get rid of the lower tier users. That would seem to be the only real logical explanation for hardfolking to make it difficult for the lower tier to even continue or get a foothold. It seems to be playing out exactly like whatsup was advocating a few months back, they had to form groups to stick together to save each other...but you'd still have the stragglers hanging on your back so how do you deal with thousands of pesky no value people? find a way to get rid of them. It doesn't appear to be an instance of trying to expand the platform while the market is down this sort of looks like circling the wagons to save their investment.

I will admit though, and was quite surprised after I went to look myself, that mysearchisover was reaping in a lot more than I realized on such short post. I guess I was viewing the majority of his stuff before he was using a bot. I never thought to go see what the following days were like. Still before the hardfolk I guess you could say he was the least of their worries but afterward considering the contents of his post I guess no one should be shocked they'd eventually say something. The majority of the stuff I upvoted while joking around with him was less than a buck, maybe two, some of that same stuff made between ten and twenty bucks was surprising. Just to be honest I don't think that even I could have agreed with that if I had known. What are you going to say to yourself really?....ask yourself how you can excuse one behavior but not another?...two wrongs don't justifiably make a right.

The price of STEEM is low and of course the less people using the platform (blockchain) to "earn" "Free" Steem the better it is for those who are left but I believe that is a short-sighted thing to want and will only hurt the USD value of STEEM in the end.

This place needs new sign ups and with new sign ups come new investment money. Scaring away and pissing off potential investors isn't the way to go.

I think the whales are going about this #NEWSTEEM the wrong way. Don't go after newbies who are making an effort to create the best content they can and are using small paid for votes to try and get noticed. Don't go after the person who wanted to advertise his post with a little $1-$3 upvote so he could get some eyes on the work that likely took an hour or more to create. Don't go after the posters who been here for a year plus showing they are making an effort but their account has barely reached minnow status. To me there is a distinct difference between those things I mentioned and abuse of the bot system.

Since I been on this chain the go to line is, Create good content and you'll get valuable upvotes. That simply isn't the case ...... Most with valuable upvotes (not all ) are more interested in upvoting their friends / alt accounts or themselves on a much more consistent bases then upvoting good content. Some others are likely too busy to manually curate . I'm lucky enough that I have a whale or two that reads my content and upvote it from time to time so I know what I just said doesn't apply to all whales.

I have seen countless good content with barely any rewards on it. I also seen some whales post a screen shot or picture and get more rewards on that post then most make in a week/month posting much better content.

In the end everyone can use their weight here as they see fit and that includes downvoting. As the saying goes, it is what it is.

Edit: In defense to mysearchisover posts that you seen with $10 on them and that had bid bot(s) used on them. Sometimes there is no way to know what type of vote you get because as you know the upvote you receive is dependent on how many used the bot during that round of voting. As a second note, not all post that show "high" rewards and had bid bots used on them give a profit. Many such posts end up with negative ROI.

For example I used a bot a couple days ago (yes I got flagged) and I ended up with a $7 upvote when all I was expecting was a $2 upvote. I got flagged which was ok by me. Not because my content wasn't worth $7 but because all I really wanted was to hopefully break even and have my post not look like it was worthless with just pennies showing for its rewards. Readers are more likely to click an article that is showing a couple dollars on it and some upvotes/comments then they are to click an article that is showing pennies.

This comment ended up being allot longer then I intended.

It's all understandable and there isn't much I couldn't agree more on.

I do know also that some would work the bots waiting for that exact moment the bid would pay off a better rate of return, at least in articles I've read on it that people wrote on understand bots and the best way to use them.

It's disheartening to see so much conflict right now going on, especially if you can see both sides the issues, makes you want to duck under a table until it's all over with. It's like one side who has cheated their way to the top telling the other side you can't do that while still finding ways to benefits themselves, it'd totally be different if they weren't forming circle jerks and leaving everyone else out in the cold.

If you divide that by 1,200,000 accounts it means that a "brutal" #rewardpoolrapist like myself has cost the pool about .0009584592 Steem per account. I am unable to transfer .00096 Steem but I guess I could transfer you .001 Steem if you would like reparations particularly to those of you who have downvoted me. If you do the math .001 Steem is worth about .00014 pennies worth of "damage". I might able to mail a few of you #poolnazis a whole penny if you want.

I was actually curious about the math!

What are you going on about?

Explain how downvoting to counter what we believe to be dishonest voting is against freedom.

People have the freedom to pay for or vote how they like and likewise people have the freedom to respond. Seems like the system is working as intended.

The reason @boosta is giving us shit is because we would not ally with him against @ngc. We don't pick and choose sides in whale flag wars.

That is not our function not our scope and this has been explained countless times.

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