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  • Hive Hardfork Update
    • SteemKnights (eeh.. Knights of Cathena) server is back up again. So keep fighting the fight!
  • New Name!
    • SteemKnights will be called Knights of Cathena from here on out
    • Many thanks to @okean123 and @rentmoney for their suggestions!
    • New logo is already in progress, so stay tuned!
  • Development Updates
    • @mwfiae took the automation of our game development related content in to his hands to free up @mrbandler on game dev tasks
    • @mrbandler is continously working on the new "Classic Mode" arena map and finished the rough outline of it in this weeks Game Development Stream (be sure to check it out some time, it's every week on monday at 08:00 PM UTC!)
      • Find screenshots below!
    • @cloud925 integrated our new knight models into the current system and finished some business related tasks
      • Find also screenshots below!
  • Today's Theme (somehow Eternal Artifacts related?!)
    • Sadly we could not take time out of our busy schedule the last fortnite to prepare a lenght overview of new systems and features to come in Eternal Artifacts
    • We hope this is not to much of a bummer (😢), we'll try to continue the introduction and discussion of new systems and features in our next dev blog update
  • Please let us know what you think of the new name?
  • And, have a great weekend!

Greetings Lords & Ladies,

the first topic we will cover today is related to the new Hive hardfork. Because of the recent events we decided to rename our project. Just to be safe in the future. After a lenghty brainstorming session and the consideration of the proposals from @rentmoney and @okean123 we came to the conclusion that we didn't want to include the chain's name into the project... because of reasons 🤔. Sorry @okean123, thanks for the suggestion though!

@rentmoney made a lot of suggestions and our favorite was: Battle of the Knights. We really liked this one and nearly decided to take it. But then @mrbandler brought a proposal we couldn't deny. It was

Knights of Cathena

We really fell in love with this name and thought this would be a great chance to add lore to the game in the future. Stay tuned on that front!

@mrbandler: So why Cathena you might ask, well the reason is simple a quick Google Translate showed that Cathena is latin for Chain. I immediatly liked it and after I showed it to @cloud925 and @mwfiae they liked it aswell, so here we are!

Now to the recent development progress we made on the game itself.

We shifted our development tasks. Because of this @mwfiae took matters into his hands on the automation of our game development related content front. He integrated the platforms Telegram and Discord and is now actively working on the Hive integration. Unfortunately Patreon and Ko-Fi don't have a public API to post content so we had to scratch that off our feature list. We will still provide content on those platforms we just won't relay our publically available content to them.

Maybe some of you did follow our development stream the past two weeks. @mrbandler made great progress on the level design front in our new Classic Mode arena map. We are quite certain that you will love the new look. At least we really like it so far and are more than excited to further develop the new look and feel of the game.

Here are some screenshots of the current Classic Mode arena level design to put you in the new Knights of Cathena mood:




To complete the new design I (@cloud925) used my vacation (on my full-time job) to integrate the new knight models into the current gameplay system. Some new animations are also included to provide an even fresher feeling.

Here is a sneak peak of our new knights:

from the left: Knight, Hunter, Mage

That's it for today!

Be sure to stay inside your castle in these crazy times.
Have a great weekend and stay healthy!

Yours truly,

For Steem Hive the Community we fight!

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