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  • Development Updates
    • No real progress on Knights of Cathena as...
    • We participated in one of the biggest online game jams called Ludum Dare
    • The theme was "Keep it alive"
    • In just 72 hours we created a brand new game called Medic!
    • Additionally @cloud925 and @mwfiae visited an official crypto tax seminar... because we're germans (Just kidding we don't like taxes either).
    • And last but not least @mrbandler started on the documentation of our new Unreal Engine 4 plugin Coma
  • Today's Eternal Artifacts Topic: New Map and Knight Type
    • Increased battlefield size from 7x6 tiles to 9x9
    • Additional knight mechanics to slay your opponent and ensure victory
    • Place your knights freely on the board instead of shuffling through random loadouts
    • Knight navigation changes
      • Knight: moves two tiles with an attack range of one tile
      • Hunter: moves three tiles with an attack range of three tiles
      • Mage: moves two tiles with an attack range of two tiles
    • You can move and attack within one turn
    • New Champion: the Priest
      • Moves one tile and can heal allies within a range of one tile
  • Please let us know what you think about our jam game Medic!
  • And of course, leave us feedback for the new Eternal Artifacts features!
  • And, have a great weekend!

Greetings Lords & Ladies,

another fortnight and here we are again. Let's take a look at the development progress we made in the last couple of weeks.

We Made A Game!

First of all, we have to confess that not a whole lot has happened on the game itself the last couple of days. That is mainly because we participated in one of the biggest online game jams, Ludum Dare.

In the game jam, we had to create a game around a community voted theme in either 48 hours or 72 hours.
As the 48 hours category is only for solo developers we naturally joined the 72 hours campaign.

First of you gotta know, that when talking about a LD theme, they always suck no matter if you voted for it or not. This time around it was "Keep it alive". And I gotta say, it was really not that bad as the last ones.

We came up with ideas pretty quickly and settled, via a democratic vote, on a game were you play a pacifistic medic inside of a war zone. Your job is simple, save your fellow soldiers from that insidious sickness death.

And after 72 hours a lot of pizza and very little sleep Medic! rose from our ashes.
Funny enough we submitted our game just 30 seconds before deadline. Now, that is what I call on point 😅.

Be sure to try out the game here!


You can imagine after a rough 72 hour game making session we were all exhausted and allowed us to enjoy and relax over the next couple of days. Sadly that meant no real progress on Knights of Cathena, but rest assured we continued development last Monday! Next time we might even have to show stuff (I'm talkin' screenshots here 😉).

Germany And Their Taxes

In addition to the Ludum Dare game jam @cloud925 and @mwfiae had bad luck this time around. As some of you may know, we are located in Germany. And as some of you may also know the german federal government loves taxes... Furthermore, they have no idea about crypto. Can you see the problem here?

Even worse, Germany has one of the most complicated tax laws around the world and they don't intend to make it any easier for crypto and therefore us (personal note from @mwfiae: "My head still hurts! 😢", a personal note from @cloud925: "I want to die and I'm hungry...").

So these facts above in combination are a real headache. But to achieve our goal, bringing crypto to the masses, we have to tackle this hurdle.

To shield you from all the bulls**t we've heard yesterday and bring it to the core: Germany has no solution for handling utility tokens so far. But obviously they still want taxes somehow (personal note from @cloud925: "I want taxes somehow as well, because of reasons.").

But on a positive note, we heard a lot about taxes regarding currency tokens, trading, and mining. Let's see if this prevents major law problems in the future. We'll keep you posted.

Maybe some of you already have experience in this kind of topic, feel free to start a discussion in the comment section below or send us a DM via Discord.

Eternal Artifacts - New Map & Knight Type

The core feature we want to highlight today refers to the upcoming map the knights' fight on. The current state of the board is a simple 7x6 tiled grid where every knight can navigate only one tile per turn.

The new board will be a little different. With a size of 9x9 tiles, there are a lot more possibilities for building strategies to slay your opponents and ensure victory.

To integrate the bigger map size you will not only be able to place your knights freely in your half of the battlefield, but the knights gain new movement abilities as well.

The Navigation

The new gameplay allows the player to send his knights in various variations depending on the respecting type. Here are the new possibilities:

  • Knights: Can walk two tiles per turn and attack within a range of one tile
  • Hunter: Can dash three tiles per turn and fire his bow three tiles far
  • Mage: Can stroll two tiles per turn and casts magics two tiles far

Additionally to these changes a new champion joins the fight to support your kingdom:

The Priest †

With a crippling speed of only one tile per turn and an attack range of one tile as well, he might seem weak on the outside, but with his ability to heal his allies in the fight he will be an important asset for you to manage!

Yours truly,

For Steem Hive the community we fight!

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