SteemKitchen Recipe Challenge 1 (Formatting your Recipe) 10 SBD to share between qualifying Posts.

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The Challenge

For our first challenge we are going to ask our community to try post your recipe with specific tags and in a specific format that readers and foodies are familiar with in the internet food community and that is also friendly to and scores higher on the Google recipe search API and rankings.

SEO and Format

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to have a larger reach on the internet and also pull some more users to the STEEM Blockchain that will benefit us all. We certainly are not focused on only just putting some half baked cake on the table. We want the masterpiece.

I will leave the research in your hands and just provide these couple of links where you can find recipes that perfectly fit the formatting and have all the elements that we are looking for.

Go visit these sites and take note of all the elements that these recipes contain and try to incorporate them into your posts.


Secondly to make recipes search able we need to use a specific #tag system. Unfortunately the STEEM Blockchain API does not allow multiple #tag Queries at this time and thus for us to be able to bring content to our website from the Blockchain we have come up with a naming strategy for your tags.

These are only important to know right now until we have launched the site. The posting feature will solve all this with a form picker. I'm sure you will want to have your recipes from now onward to be available on the website. Then follow these guidelines.

  1. To build content for our site and community the very first #tag to use will be #steemkitchen to find all our content in one place. (without the #)
  2. Secondly the website will be having two main categories as you have seen in our discord server as well. These are split into either #steemkitchen-recipe or #steemkitchen-blog. These two tags are used respectively either for recipes or blogs about food. If its a food blog you are free to use any other tags from steemit after that one.
  3. Next we want to determine whether the recipe belongs to breakfast,teatime,brunch,lunch or dinner and you can write it like this ( dinner-dish or breakfast-dish or desert-dish ect.).
  4. Our next filter will be the cuisine and the origin of the recipe ( chinese-cuisine or french-cuisine or vegan-cuisine ect. ) use what is applicable to the recipe.
  5. Lastly we want to identify the main ingredient in your dish. This we will do by using ( main-potato or main-chicken or main-lambshanks ect. )

Here is an example of a tag list....

steemkitchen steemkitchen-recipe dinner-dish chinese-cuisine main-noodles

Simple hey !!!

To be considered in our challenge use all the guidelines stipulated on top and then bring your link to our Discord Server and post it for us into the challenges-contests channel. For tips and discussion on this challenge you are welcome to come chat with us at the Discord Server.

Hope you have lotsa fun!!!!




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