SteemKitchen News Edition 04/09

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SteemKitchen News

Is live in BETA.

Recent Features added :

  • No more need for steemauto to join the curation trail. All can be setup right there on Steemkitchen in the settings tab.
  • Facebook and Twitter Share Buttons right on your post.
  • Upvote and Downvote ability
  • Account history Added
  • Cooggerup Bot has been setup to check for approved posts every 30 min.
  • Many small bug fixes api improvements.
  • Supports categories for all your favorite Steemit foodie contests


Is suspended until further notice. We are working on a new format that will be rolled out at a later time.

Facebook page

Where all your posts are automatically posted from steemkitchen tag. Please go like, follow, share and help to spread the word about our Community and website. Strength in numbers and Unity.
Now has 53 followers


Account now has over 814 followers and growing steadily

Discord Server

Now has 380 members popping in and out to get to know each other and share their recipes and foodie experiences.


Steemkitchen needs your help. Our community is still small and mostly made up of minnows in training and development stage.

Any small, medium or large delegation will be extremely appreciated to further our curation and training projects. Here follows simple links to delegate using steemconnect if you are able to.

25 SP50 SP100 SP150 SP200 SP
500 SP1000 SP1200 SP1500 SP2000 SP

If you are able or would like to become a Premium Sponsor we offer 5% Beneficiary reward for delegations upwards of 10000 SP Split between all Premium Sponsors as per their Delegation size . Please contact @freetissues on our Discord Server to set this up.

Thank you for reading and make sure to join our Discord Server and follow @steemkitchen for more curated recipes, and great informative articles from our valued members.

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