Knowing SteemKitchen issue no 4 : Interview with @alphasteem

in steemkitchen •  6 months ago

We all at SteemKitchen thank you from the bottom of our plates for doing this wonderful video for our Series Knowing SteemKitchen.

In one sentence this was freekin awesome and we cross our fingers and hope you all the possible success on this wonderful platform. Thank you for supporting the community and sharing all those wonderful vlogs and bright smiles with us.

For tips and foodie discussions you are welcome to come chat with us at our Discord Server.

Hope you have lotsa fun and looking forward to meet you guys there.


Steemkitchen Team

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Thanks for featuring me @steemkitchen ❤️🍰🍕

Love the creepy thumbnail! hahaha


So sorry for the bad timing there :)


Walking Alpha XD (Walking Dead Joke lol)

Kuten me kaikki tiedämme, Steemit on sosiaalinen uutispalvelu, joka ylläpitää blogeja ja sosiaalisen verkostoitumisen verkkosivustoa Blockemain-tietokannan, Steemin nimellä.

It's great to know more about you @alphasteem and we're sure you'll get to travel to Thailand one day and meet @anne-c (or vice-versa...or somewhere in the middle)! We missed out on a meet-up with her a few weeks' ago, but hopefully get one in before the year is up! :D Keep cooking and baking :)


@travelling-two For sure we will meet soon :) ❤️ @alphasteem Awww you are the most sweet. And you are star! We are waiting for you in Thailand and I really can't wait to show you all the food since you love carb then welcome to Thailand 😂 haha I love carb too.


@anne-c. Hopefully one day I'll get to visit and we can eat carbs for days haha. Your welcome... ❤️


Thanks @travelling-two. Are you in Thailand too? That would be really cool to be able to travel there one day...Hopefully.


Yes we're based out in Bangkok - been here for a year and a half now.

Hopefully, you can make it and maybe the Steem earned will help pay for the trip 😊

Congratulations on a very nice project.

Awesome video @alphasteem! This is a great platform!


Yeah, if your interested you can join some discords...steemit communities use discord.


Ok cool will check some out. :)

As we all known,Steemit is a social news service which runs a blogging and social networking website on top of a blockchain database, known as Steem.

This is a good article. Nice to know more about you @alphasteem.

wow! this is amazing !!!

Lovely interview and awesome boost for SK