Tasty Cheesy BBQ Toasted Sandwiches

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These are and always will be one of my favorite add ons to a Braai/BBQ . This time I present you the bog standard South African hit toastie with Tomato, Onion and Cheese. Make no mistake to think this is healthy in any way, shape or form but trust me all the indulgence is truly worth it.

Preparation Time : 15 Min
Cooking time : 15 Min

Ingredients :

  • 1 x Loaf of White bread
  • 500 g Grated Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 Large Onion
  • 4 Medium Tomatoes
  • Margarine or butter

pjimage (1).jpg

  1. Pack out the whole loaf of Bread and spread some margarine on all the slices. You will regret not using the whole loaf.... Trust me.
  2. Prepare the cheese, onion and tomato
  3. Pack out every second slice with all the ingredients and close them up.
  4. When done on the BBQ with all the meats and mains and the fire has calmed down a bit place all the prepared sandwiches on the grid ( timing here is important ) The hotter the fire the more often you need to turn. The trick is to get the cheese to melt but not burn the bread to coal. I find it best just to never let them stay on one side for more than a minute and just continuously flip them until nicely browned and crispy.
  5. Remove from the fire and serve up the meal ASAP as they are best right now.

Then comes the bonus of leftover toasties. These can be enjoyed any time for a snack or a meal and sometimes i think they are even better as leftovers.

Hope you give this one a try if you have never done the trusty olle toastie on the fire to compliment your BBQ/Braai.

Until Next time....... May the Hunger Stay with You.


jis ja! The onion is what makes it. MMM, i love serving mine with a little soy sauce. yummmm!

You cannot leave out the onion. That wont be a braaibroodjie

Nothing like a good old braaibroodjie @freetissues, you should have entered it into #steemitsandwichcontest ;)

Yea that smoky toasted taste does make them special.

Nice one! I know this baked sandwich 🥪 in the oven. But never tryied them on a bbq. I bet this gives the little bit extra flavor 👌😀🔥

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The smokey flavour is special indeed. Remember to turn them very often.

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Oh la la, Cheezy toasted sandwich!
That’s yummy.
Looking forward to see more from @freetissues ❤️

I have a few saved up. Small steps to break the haitus lol

How simple! We will be trying this soon.

It snowed a bit today but we use the grill all year round. These will be simple, quick and tasty I'm sure. Often have these ingredients around.

Think I could add a touch of Italian Dressing.

Oh yes you can. There is unlimited possibilities with these. We sometimes add a touch of peach chutney as well for a touch of sweetness.

Oooh! Gives me ideas...

reaches through the screen to take one off the grill

That is the perfect time to have one.... right off the grill.

I haven't had 1 of those in ages, I'll have to have a braai soon. Most probably it will have to be in my garage, it rains a lot here.

lucky you have the garage to do it.

Hiya @freetissues!

Awesome grilled cheese sammy science there.

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