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Welcome to Inner Sphere Wars!

The purpose of this league is to play as a unit from one of the Noble Houses of the Inner Sphere, Periphery States, or Mercenary groups during the complex era of 3025 Battletech. Players will use the website integrated command tool to buy and move mechs, as well as initiate attacks on other units. Matches are fought using the recent release of Battletech by HBS.

The first step is to sign up on the website This will allow you to have an account on the ISW website and begin to interact with its various features. Once you have done that, please join us on Discord. Discord is the best way to interact with other players, coordinate for games, and is a mandatory part of the league.

Once you have joined the website/discord, you then need to decide how you want to play. Do you want to join an already established unit, or would you prefer to run things on your own? For those that are new to ISW, it is preferred that you jump in with a pre-existing unit to learn how the system works, and then create your own unit down the line. There is a text channel on discord (#looking-for-unit) that is designed for new players to introduce themselves and find a permanent home. A moderator will assist you with finding a unit, as an established member will have a good idea of vacancies the need to be filled. Vacancies can also be viewed by going to the Active Unit Listing section of the ISW website.

For those that want to experience ISW to the fullest, they can create their own unit by signing up using the Apply for Unit button under the League tab. Units of the five great houses can only be created with two members, small faction units and Mercenaries can be created with one member. However, it is strongly recommended for units to have at least two members, to make meeting for matches easier. Unit numbers are regulated based on league balance, and change every season.

The last thing to do would be to read the League Rules from start to finish. This will teach you how to interact with the website-based command tool, as well as the other ISW rules.

NOTE: Please join us on the discord to get started. Thanks for you interest in Inner Sphere Wars and we hope to see you soon!


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