Steem API: Now Released!

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I've developed a npm package last week and I was thinking that some of you are not NodeJS developer. My aim is connect all devs or webmasters to the Steem blockchain so I was thinking that an API Rest would be good alternative for PHP / Ruby / Android / iOS etc... developers.

How it look[]=fabien

You also can use scope, here an example:

The API following the same methods as my npm package "steem" wich is also same methods as the blockchain Steem. You can find all the documentation with available method here:

Get Involved

All my works is Open Source ( so feel free to contribute. I gonna make few tutorials once i'm less busy but i encourage you to create tutorials for helping others dev getting started to play with the blockchain.

Share your love if you like it and let me know if you have some suggestions. I'm on Steem Slack my username is @adcpm.



If you missed the npm package here is the link:


excellent stuff. thanks for doing all this. and trust me, fabien, no one could miss your package. it's bulging with greatness

Thank you i appreciate!

That's awesome! Thanks for releasing this.

Best API I have seen so far on steemit. Thanks!

Do you know how I can find out what the parameters for the different functions accept as input values? In your examples above, I can see what they expect for 'path' and 'names'. I see a lot of other parameters in other functions though, and I don't know what to pass in to use these. One example is in the getDiscussionsByVotes method. What should I pass in for 'query' in order to get it to return data?

Also can't find this information.

Now the real STEEM market can start growing HARDDDD ! :)
I predict tons of new Steem Tools in next few months and Steemit will grow in an unexpected way because many people were waiting for this API to start building things ! That will be giant.

If you plan to build you own Tool and contribute to the community i suggest this quick step-by-step Guide,

You can use this steem api as to produce any needed tool for Steem ! LONG LIVE TO STEEM !

Exactly. There is a ton of way to using the Steem blockchain. I believe in next future we will see Quora like, Twitch like, Youtube like etc.. using the blockchain.

Great work Fabien!

Excellent. Thanks for sharing. I can envision lot of tools built using this REST API. Great stuff.

if make Android app will be coooool!

Any option to submit comments against a story?

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