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Swindled by the Medline butterflies in his stomach
Are the dark nights of hauling owls.
What stops him?
Why does he give up when death is not yet here?
Were did his unachieved dreams go?
How do caterpillars know they would be butterflies?
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In his pocket are change from broken dreams
The tears he last cried
Were those from a broken heart.

Why do love taste so sweet?
When in the end it left him with empty bottles and sobber eyes
In his scanty smile, he is drowned in an ocean of "uncried" tears.

His runny nose has made him loose sense of the sweet scent of roses.
His feet blisters from the long walk to destiny .
His nights are no longer covered with fantasy skies
Afraid to fail he has refused Hope.

Loneliness and darkness have become his two
Best friend.
His mouth has become a dump site for alcohol.
He distance friends and family because
He wants to be left alone.

As he drew his last breath
He thought of what he could have done became clear.
The friends he let go becos he wanted alone
The moments he lost love coz he wanted alone
The bus rides he missed to make a legacy cos he wanted alone

All of this he suffers coz the doctor said he
Got two more years to go.

Live everyday like its your last.

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