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It is really been an amazing week, in search of talents and discovered a whole lot more. Some made it easy by using the steemjetrecords tag and others I had to find and encourage them by curating their post.

@feezyking freestyle for steemjet records

@yunchief - Birthday song for Jesse12 and mrpius(Rap)

@uche-nna singing Steemjetrecords song

@emmycapable - Hard Flow(Rap)

@eddie23 singing Don't you remember by Adele(cover)!/@eddie23/20180820t192344065z-adele-cover

@etemi singing Stay cover by Rihanna!/@etemi/20180823t000654833z-stay-with-me-cover-of-sam-smith-by-etemi

@etemi sing Take a bow by Rihanna!/@etemi/20180821t111324616z-take-a-bow-cover-of-rihanna-by-etemi

@savikincee steemjetrecords

@desmoniac -Steemjet for life (Rap)

@etemi sing one dance cover by drake

@hadebaryor sing saying something cover

@chiama doing a Steemjetrecords song

@citimillz doing a steemjetrecords rap

@elijahlawrence singing Michael W. Smith (Open the eyes of my heart) COVER

@sistem singing Despacito by Luis Fonsi Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber in the steemjet style

@yungchief testing his acting skills


This is awesome guys.. Lemme give each ad every one's piece a listen and view..
Kudos to the record team... Good job spotting talents in music.
Long live steemjet

Wow... You guys are doing great... I think I will be singing soon.. Lol

@steemjetrecords, I can see you understand very well that music arises spirit of "dance away your sorrow" in whoever is listening to it. In fact, music makes a spirit itself. I can never do without it. Let's take these one after the other. Thump up record house.

Great talents out there. Thank you @steemjetrecords for the mention.

Steemjet records u doing great. Long Live steemjet.

I will participate this contest very soon but I share only logo for steemjetrecords

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Hi steemjetrecords
I guess you omitted my song in your collection:

Thanks for the review friends.
Thanks for the compliment too🙈

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