My top 20 judge's pick for the steemjet musicals

in #steemjetmusical2 years ago (edited)

Good day all. Here are my picks from the audition in no particular order.
Note that this is not the final list of contestants going to the next round. I wish you all success though.
By @mfestra


Its a legend there!


My personal favorite... The guitar intro was shocking .. I listened over and over again

Very soulful

The way you delivered it is just so touching. One of my favs

A lady was like "wtf! he's good" when you entered the falsetto part. Nice one

At first i was like. "Fine girl o jare! oya make is hear" and then the softness of you voice dilated my pupils a little more.. You are blessed. Wish you success.

My bro!! You good

Lighten up babe!!! You are good

You too.. Flex some appendages lol..



I was entertained

Missed this

My my my! Again its proven that range is not all that matters. You have love in the tone of your voice. Nice deliverance.. One of my favs for sure.
And I stole your steemjet logo lol.

Explicit entries.. @yourmecury
@dominiqueguitars stole my heart away with that lovely soulful music he played... You 🤘 rock. Good luck to all the contestants out there. Keep doing what you love.

And @francistagbo, where did you come from..... Definitely not from this planet. Your voice should be termed "The proud but yet so soft and tender voice of steemjet" A lion with the tone of a dove. Perfection in its peak. Love it.. Awesome.

Am not happy that i am not here on ur top 20. Pls click the link to view my entry video and pls lemme know what i have to work my fellow engineer. U are from uniben too right??

Are you lobbying? This is wrong please. If people see this and then see you on the list, what would you think they would say? This is a monitored contest

Owwwwwnn!!! thank you a whole bunch, thank you sir @yourmercury

Nice one girl!.. Hoping you'll keep nailing it and win this contest. Get it girl

@yourmecury, I'm glad to know that I made your top 20...i will keep doing my best. Thanks sir

Thank you so much sir

Wow 😮 thank you very much 🙏🏽

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