My top 10 judge's pick for the steemjet musical contest round 2

in #steemjetmusical2 years ago (edited)

These are my top ten picks. No specific order please. And I loved loved all the entries but again I only have to pick 10.
@meemee, @pboss123, and @elijahlawrence, the three of you stood out to me though.. I had massive goose bumps listening to these three.. Your voices are simply not about the range. @pboss123, your decisions are mind blowing. The way you use your falsetto distinguishes you from many falsetto singers. I just wish you make it.
@elijahlawrence, damn man!! Last time I knew the problem was your guitarist, but this time you nailed it. Freely sung like a true soul artist.
@meemee, God! If only I knew where you stay. Believe me sis, I wasn't really touched much by your range its the character in your voice, the tone oh my!. You sing so lightly and powerful simply at your will. You gave every sentence its feel, the emotions and all where all in the quantity (and quality) of your tone. I just feel you should start something with this voice if you have not begun to do any. I love love love your cords girl!

And now my top ten picks


just keep singing girl. I am speechless


yes I was touched by this


Nice one there!


superb one my man!


wish you the best bruv!


Nice one man!


Nice one.


great rendition my brother.. I weak for your musicality.


you did it this time dear!


nice harmonies



Thank you sir, I'm grateful

Wow, it's amazing to see @meemee at the top of the list. Her voice makes the universe move slower in the context of the listener.

I thought i was the only one lol

Thank you sir @yourmercury, I really don't know what to say, I won't let you all down In this contest and beyond. Thanks for the opportunity.

Lot of love to you dear

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