SteemJetmusical: Second Stage Entry

in #steemjetmusical3 years ago

This is a song I wrote sometime ago, i hope y'all enjoy it.

Song Title: Angelina


Bright like diamond
Better than Gold
My girl bad
And her body make the rude boy nor won concentrate
E get this baby
Oh this baby
I go tell you this story


Mehn she bright like diamond
Pretty face like Lola
Everybody know say she dangerous
Cause when she move na wahala
She dey feel my matter
But her friends dey para
Baby time nor deyn make we nor delay
She dey do shakara
Down on my knees now
I nor go deceive ya
Angelina baby make we carry dey go oh oh oh
Summer or winter
I go always please ya
Angelina baby carry dey go oh oh oh


Shay you go go Paris oh
We go visit Francisco
I go teach you Chinese oh
Girl your love e too sweet oh
Nai dey make me dey sing oh
Wanna make you my queen oh


Put a smile on your face
I don show
Shay you go come to my place by tomorrow
Cause I need you die
See I need you die


Special voice bro.. Well done

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