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All said and done it was a long bumpy ride ,admist the bundle of talents i am glad we were able to maintain 95% level of fairness in this game ,sadly the guys have it .Bravo folks y'all deliver without much waste of time here it goes for me .

NO 1 PICK : @elijahlawrence

For some really inexplicable reasons i connect with your music ,maybe because i am a soul lover ,your music is timeless ,but thats not what gets me enthralled its your vocals man you can sing your heart out i wish ,i knew you better ,i mean away from the blockchain .Beautiful rendition mate keep it yeah.

NO 2 PICK : @domniqueguitars

if theres one thing am sure of is the fact that you are an awesome guitarist and song writer ,o less i forget you vocals are top notch almost too professional ,but easy bro you just started the stars is your stepping stone.

NO 3 PICK : @benlegend-1

Amazing how you take corrections and learn so fast ,well done bro. your first entry was not it for me but you took advise and worked hard and for that you deserve to be a winner .

NO 4 PICK : @pboss

well well , Easy there on the falsetto transitions to your head voice , asides a little flats here and there which can be worked on with breath control exercises ,and mind you theres almost no singer that doesnt go flat once in a while ,i mean from big stars like beyonce and justin bieber , you was good to go man.

NO 5 PICK : @francistagbo

well in my opinion the guitar was slightly distuned as this alone has placed you at the bottom of the list which sadly isnt supposed to be because ordinarily you have got an amazing voice and was on my radar for the top 2 but man better luck next time friend .

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Hi @mrprecious,

Thank you for your contributions to long term goals on steemjet. ♥

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You are more than welcome to chat with us on our discord server, we'll be glad to hear you.
On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

I see you play!
Respect man!

Hi @mrprecious, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @domniqueguitars doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

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It's definitely a typo... N it's '@dominiqueguitars'

God bless playp. Won't let you down

Thank you so much sir. I am grateful