STEEMJET MUSICAL CONTEST FINAL STAGE;Rain by elijahlawrence(original)

Greetings to Steemians all over the world.I want to say a very big thank you to the steemjet family and also to all my wonderful judges who were always there to give me a boost at times it was needed and also to criticise me at important times too. Shoutout to my fellow contestants!
Thank you so much for the platform. I am grateful


When the rain falls down on you
Do you feel that special thing that I feel?
When the cloud is dark and the rain is coming
Would you run or would you stay?*2

Oh let it fall deep down and heal your heart
Let it fall deep down and set you free
Oh oh girl wipe your tears and don't you cry
Cause all I'll do
Is to let it rain down on me.(*3)

The rain falls down on you
And heals your heart
Your broken heart is mending
Oh my girl dry your eyes

Repeat Chorus

I hope you are touched


I didn't enjoy your first entry probably because of the guitar playing and I think I didn't pick you but I am sure glad you made it through and I can say you have blessed us with your amazing voice. We are glad to have you perform for us sire. You are made for gold.

Thank you so much boss for the platform

I love the melody of your song, its amazing how you have grown really.

Gd music brother!
Blaze on!

This reminds me of a famous rock song by Prince, "Purple rain". Man I was touched by this. Hope you are a musician. And the guitarist are not short of encomiums too. Nice one

Thank you so much sir

@elijahlawrence i am glad you listened to advise, the guitarist are damn good and i feel this is your best performace so far

Thank you so much. I am grateful

wow great song, sang by great people. Supporting you guys all the way @elijahlawrence

Thank you so much

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