Steemjet's I believe I can fly.

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Steemjet has driven out the creativity that was hidden for years. Who would have thought that we will be good writters?
Am sure a lot of us can attest to this apart from those of us that were born creative writters.
You will agree with me that life always had a price or reward to pay at the end of whatever we find ourselves doing. Those of us that are Christians hope for the Ultimate reward in Heaven, the Muslims have theirs too, Buddhist, and lots of other religions believe in rewards too. Some of us deserve it, some our best isn't good enough, some are favoured, others grace is sufficient, some say it's luck, while some aren't that lucky.
The truth is, "do your best to get the best reward".
Some people receive less than what they've worked for and some many other instances.
Whatever the case maybe, I believe in being grateful for the little I receive and more will be given as it is said

whom much is given much is expected

And vice versa.
Steemjet has come to stay. We have embraced it. Thank God for our boss @dimimp for his benevolence and kindness towards alot of us.
I understand how hard it is to read through requests from hundreds of people and reply them and sometimes reward their efforts.
Here we did a song together for the community to ask for a space in the space force.
The song was inspired by our aim of flying the jet high.
The idea was brought by @spectacode.
He produced it with his piano.
The lead singer here is @verve.
Also our rap artist who is very enthusiastic about steemjet has applied to steemit for registration. He is yet to get his confirmation into the community fully. His stage name is Gheezy_wilx.
The other person on set is a sister that loves to help.
We need gears for better production.
We ask for funds to enable us make better music for the community and for the world at large.
Secondly @spectacode would love to create an initiative to be known as steemjet productions to take care of our new focus video productions.
We will create a new account @steemjetproductions which will take care of movies, music videos, comedies and dance videos.
We hereby ask for a 30000 delegation to this new account to enable us take our movies and videos to a new level.
So man, what's you take on this?
We will be waiting for a reply and funds for gears and production.


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