Representing Steemjet / Gratitude Day51.

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Hello steemians, greetings to y'all.

This post should have been made a little bit long ago but due to my dad's health (though theirs improvement) and some small challenges, I wasn't able to do so.

But there's a saying that goes, to be late is better than never.

Story Line.
The post is about me, representing the steemjet community at the Nasarawa steemit blockchain empowerment.


Note, I wasn't the only one who did that. I got the help of a noble steemian @lordjames the brain behind most of the seminars that are hosted in Nasarawa. @lordjames, is a soul am ever proud and happy to meet with, thanks to @dimimp and @steemjet.

The empowerment meet up was to tell and educate individuals about steemit and steem, just as the steemjet aim is which is Global Adoption.


We all @uche-nna, @lordjames, @joyce-okpobo, @rankyb, @godsnana @jingis07, had a talk with the invitees, and I must say it was wonderful hearing from different stories.

I had to use my phone to do an amateur vedioing because neither any of us own a camera for recording a vedio. So I had to use my phone in doing the camera.
I would be posting them soon.



My Gratitude Challenge.
It's the 51st day of the gratitude challenge by a great soul @tojukaka, and today am greatful for the steemit and steemjet opportunities.

Am also greatful I get to meet @lordjames, @joyce-okpobo, @rankyb, @godsnana @jingis07 and I learnt a lot from them too.

And also, am greatful to @dimimp too for giving me a reason to do so.

Now what are you greatful for?

Tell us by joining the gratitude challenge organized by @tojukaka.

What is Gratitudeday?

Everyday is gratitude day.

Gratitudeday is all about being thankful for the things that are happening in your life. A lot of us go through life taking things for granted. The goal is to challenge you to make a blog post about something you are grateful for. It could be big or small. It doesn't matter. Little things matter. I'll be doing this for 62 days (62 is not a random number). It's not an endurance game, you can join in anytime you want and opt out anytime you want.

Am uche-nna.

Thanks For Reading 💙💚💙💚💙.


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Indeed, it's better late than never. Glad you visited us @Nasarawa State, Nigeria. I'm really excited about improvements in your dad's health. Thanks @Uche-nna for your enduring spirit. More wins to you and to @steemjet.


Amen, and bigger thanks to you too..
To be frank eh, i can't wait for another meet up o.

I'm really so proud of you guyz and thankful Steemit/Steemjet connected us. You guyz shld keep the ball rolling. The sky is your starting point. I'm sure @dimimp will be so proud of you too. Weldone brothers.


Thanks, my MTN lady..hehehehehe.
Yeah, we are trying to achieve our aim which is the global adoption of Steem as @dimimp had said.


Yea sure. More grease to your elbow



Great Job you are doing promoting steemit and steemjet. I pray your dad continues to get well faster.


Yeah, we are meant to do so...
And amen to the prayers.
Thanks for stopping by sis.


You are welcome dear!

So sorry about your dad's health bro.. I pray for his quick recovery.. Take care of yourself too man! Rest well


Smiles, thanks alot bro.
And I surely will.
Concerning my dad his getting better (learning how to walk).

Hello @uche-nna, thanks for participating and thanks for helping the people of @nassarawa state. You are doing great bro


Yes💃💃, my Steemit uncle stopped by.
Thanks for this challenge I must say and thanks for stopping by.

Hey man, so you mean I'm this handsome?

Kikikiki, I'm kidding man but we rock, thanks for coming to Nasarawa to join in the workshop. I was so proud to have you around. I hope we do a lot more of this in the future.

To the moon and back. We rock.


Yeah, me too. Am happy I came because it was a memorable one...
Can't wait for another one with you oo.. Hehehehe..

great job bro God bless you


And you too bro.
Thanks for stopping by.

Your keeping it in the sky. With all the soccer hype, kinda felt a lull in our spirits. Soldier on and stay creative :)


I will, thanks for stopping by.

Nicely done bro, weldone


Thanks man..

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