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Special Appreciation to @dimimp for the ever unrelented support given to the Steemjetrecords account and the Steemjet community at large.

Steemjetrecords Rules of Engagement:
If you read the Introduction post of Steemjetrecords, you should by now know the main focus of the account but incase you missed it, here I bring it to you again.

  1. Steemjetrecords is officially a Tag
  2. Upvotes all Musical and Spoken Words post
  3. Upvotes Videos and anything Entertainment
  4. Upvotes write-ups which are Music related
  5. Promotes Music and Videos post which add value to the community for the Boss Dimimp to see and you can be rewarded individually for that hardwork
  6. You can also get an Upvote if you have been contributing to the growth of the Steemjet community.
  7. Anticipate a Musical contest soon.

This contest relates to the record label and the Boss has limited time. The Steemjetrecords account delegated itself the duty to make the work less stressful for dimimp. Original contest link here
All logos submitted for the contest will be compiled weekly on this account and that will be done until the contest ends. This will further create visibility for your entry as spamming will not be allowed on this account during the compilation of the various entries.
Eventually, your entry was not listed. You can always drop a link to the post or entry on the comment session of this account when that time comes.
Contest ends October 1st
Final compilation and complain 2nd-4th October
Then Submitted to Dimimp for Judgement on 5th October, 2018.

Promoting Cryptocurrency through Entertainment


Awesome, let me get my mic 🎤

What if I make a post with my Steemjet record logo design? Will it be upvoted? 🤔

Cos your write-ups shows non musical posts won't be upvoted.

Just a question.

Due to the numerous numbers of entries being submitted for the contest, upvoting them will drain the SP, so the answer is No but there might be changes. The boss dimimp does the upvoting on the contest and steemjetrecords account upvotes music and videos on dimimps post. Thank you

Nice idea on the contest.. We hope to see great things come out of Stejetrecords.

Weldone @yungchief... I trust your capabilities

I'm gonna grab a spot ASAP. Thanks for the helpful information.

This is a great initiative by @dimimp. Thanks to you guys @steemjetrecords that are working hard to bring this vision to pass.

Testing the mic 1! 2! Flying on Steemjetrecords.

You fly on steemjet...
On steemjetrecords you FLOW in it.. 😂

Can I just post one or can I post a lot. I have made a plan to post each day in September. I will create a steemjetrecords logo every day and share it every day in September.

Example: every day steemjetrecords (1/30) September

I don't think that is necessary, just take your time and produce the perfect designs and bring them in on post.

This is awesome indeed. Steemjetrecords is more than what I think and encouraging. Entertainment makes the world happier. I can see us getting it right with this new development. Thump up @steemjetrecords

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