SteemjetMedia Celebrity Of The Week (First Edition) with LORDjames

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Hello everyone, today steemjetmedia introduce to you the first ever edition of steemjetmedia interview of steemjet members.

And today we will be bringing to you guys an interview with steemjet one and only funny, brilliant @lordjames.

So let's get started already..


Good day sir, can you please tell us a little about yourself

Uhm, what exactly should I say. First of all I'm a human being. Full flesh and blood. Etiese James is my name and from the first name together with my Calabar tongue, you can easily deduce that I'm from Akwa Ibom state in southern Nigeria..
A chemistry graduate. But I have interest in management so I was pursuing management consulting before I found Steemit.

How did you first discover steemit and what motivated you to join?

Now talking about Steemit. I first learned of Steemit in January this year. Sometime last year I had taken a search on Google to find emerging technologies that will shape the world. And blockchain got my attention but then I didn't know how to enter into the world of cryptos and blockchain considering the fact that I understand nothing about computer programming.

So, in January, my friend @joshuaetim told me of a platform called Steemit. It caught my interest. Looking deeper, I found out that this is my way into the world of blockchain and cryptos. So I joined. After two weeks of prayer and fasting and fighting @drakos and @timcliff on Steemit chat. I was finally approved on Jan 20th.

Can you tell us how your steemit journey has been so far?

Steemit journey has been fulfilling and rewarding, I think finding Steemit was one of the best thing to happens to me…

Do you have any job aside steeming??

Another job beside Steemit? Nope. I've actually declined other offers after I got here. I love it here and I believe the future is blockchain technology.


Let's talk about steemjet, who introduced you to steemjet and how did you end up being a space force member?

Okay Prayzz. Let's go to the very beginning. My Genesis on Steemjet. When I joined Steemit, I used to check through the community, commenting and interacting with others. It was one of such days I met a blog with the handle @dimimp. And then the next day he asked for someone to open an account for Steemjet. I did. Was promised $500 in upvotes. The next day Dimimp sent me and email. And that was how we started the journey…

If you could change anything on steemjet, what would that be?

If I would change anything, then I would establish orders in which things are done. And set clearer vision statement.

What advice will you give to new steemit users??

My advice for newbies is simple. Never forget what you are and what Steemit is.
That's where most people lose out. Remember you are a red plankton and that Steemit is a social media. Therefore Steemit works base on attention economy. So the rule is engagement, engagement, engagement.
Go out there, interact with people. And form bond.

Thank you for for taking your time to answer our questions sir.


Well there you have it guys. Thank you for visiting the blog and remember to drop your comments below 👇👇👇


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Well done bro @lordjames, well done @steemjetmedia.

LordJames I love this your interview and response. I learnt two more things about you.

thanks and keep on visiting steemjetmedia blog.

This is great stuff @steemjetmedia. I hope I get a chance to be interviewed too!

Well done guys!

you will definitely get a chance someday,thanks for the compliment.

This is a great start @steemjetmedia. I've always loved programs like this. In my mind eye, it was like an interview on television. I look forward to more of this.

And the pilot @lordjames as said it all. I believe that blockchain is the new future for us all.

you will see more of this from now,just keep on visiting the Blog.

wao..great interview! nice to meet you Lord james! thanks for your amazing job in steemjet

thank you for dropping by.

Yeah blockchain is the future. Steemit has been an eye opener for most Nigerians into the world of cryptocurrency

yeah steemit introduced almost all of us to the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

#steemjetmedia kudos.

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This is indeed a nice session.

I love this

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