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This is a contest for all artists that can draw very well with their blue pen

Three top winners who can give the best traditional blue coloured pen drawing of the image below will share the 10SBD Prize reward


This is the image to be drawn


First Prize - 5SBD

Second Prize - 3SBD

Third Prize - 2SBD


  • Do not disobey any of the rules
  • Contest is for all good artists that can draw with a blue pen. No restriction!
  • Draw only with a traditional blue pen
  • Follow this blog, upvote and resteem this post for your entry to be validated
  • All entries are to be uploaded here on the comment box. You can also choose to post it on your blog if you wish
  • Only one entry per steemit account is allowed
  • Once submitted, do not edit your entry to avoid disqualification.
  • Do not submit any entry when this posts shows 6 days ago else it will be considered invalid. Try to submitting before that the 6 days period.


steemjet: on the wings of superstars we are words and steem


I join the challenge, it is great to see competitions like these on the platform I had always looked for drawing contests

my entry for this contest.


I hope everyone likes it.

Entry Validated!

My Entry:

drawing contest steemjet copy.jpg

This Entry does not follow all the instruction. It was found that your entry used some online/electronic assistance to produce this which is against the rule.
Prove is shown with the image below

Therefore entry has been disqualified!

My entry for the contest

Cool. Resteemed

Best of luck to those who wish to participate, as for me I wish I could draw.

My Entry:

Entry Validated

My Entry for this contest Sir
2018-06-13 11.56.11.jpg

Entry validated!

I see an interesting graphic effect. A mixture of minimalism and naive art. Good sketch, Mayor Faruk

Definitely @mbj i will do something this evening.
Thank thank you for bringing out the talent in us.

Wow... great contest I'm want to join now thank great news @steemjetcontests

Nice contest again from you,i must participate.

Here's my entry

Entry validated!

How i wish I could draw with pen, nevertheless, more opportunities shall come my way, I pray!

sf members can also participate or not sir?

Yeah. No restrictions

Entry has been disqualified!.
You are totally off the track

Wow....really... i think i'm in for this one. Let me go and make some sketches

Can the blue pen be digital?.
Say a pen tool on Sketchbook, Illustrator, Infinite design etc.

Or is it traditional art only?

That has just been clarified. Traditional pen only

My entry to the contest.

thank you very much steemjetcontests.

Hello @steemjetcontests
My Entry for this contest

Ette boss

@steemjetcontests you have not validated my own

this is awesome

Heres my humble request for the contest... i have upvoted, resteemed and i also followed all the rules of the contest


Entry Validated

This is it...@joshuaky.
We are words and steem.. #steemjetcontests.

Entry validated

This is my entry to the contest:
The drawing is also on my blog on this link:

I do not have a very good camera so I scanned my drawing using my office scanner. I hope it is allowed. Thanks

Entry Validated

¡Holaaa! This is my entrance. I would never have dared to draw with a pencil, it is very difficult. It took me about 2 hours trying to do it. I hope you like it ¡abrazos! <3

Entry Validated

Hello this is my entry:


Entry Validated

Here's my entry

Entry validated

Hello please check out mineIMG_20180616_171533_863.JPGr

Entry validated

Entry Validated

Thanks for This guys, here's my entry

Entry validated

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