SteemJet Curation (Update)

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With the current development in Steemjet, according to @dimimp which has to do with changing its focus from GLOBAL ADOPTION OF STEEM to TEACHING CRYPTOCURRENCY AND BLOCKCHAIN EDUCATION IN GENERAL. At this point, it is imperative to notify everyone that curation activity is taking a new shape.

Courtesy: Curation Team

Posts that will be upvoted

  1. Since cryptocurrency and blockchain education is of paramount importance to us at the moment, any post directed to this goal will be given special attention.

  2. Any post carrying the steemjet tag as long as it is informative and enlightening.

  3. Posts that are highly beneficial to the general public. For example, health-related posts, and the likes of them.

The @steemjet account will upvote at 400% on a daily basis to keep the voting power in check.

Posts that will not be upvoted

  1. plagiarism is highly prohibited, on that note, any plagiarised post will not be upvoted.

  2. Posts that are less than 200 words, excluding pictures, arts, poetry, and videos.

Bearing this adjustment made, we will like to call on everyone to support the curation team by strictly adhering to the changes and help them carry out their duty efficiently and effectively.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or just want to express your enthusiasm! :)

Thank you!!!

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Steemjet Curators


Written by @mhizsophie


We would appreciate if the entire community follow these guidelines.
Thank you.

Education on Crytocurrecy and Blockchain Technology... No better idea could be fronted especially at times like this when the market is getting ready to rally..

This is very good for everybody, i'm a one of the beneficiaries of the upvotes so i'm very happy for this. Keep up the good work.

Kudos to the curation team, you guys are doing a great job

Great work dear @steemjet. You work is appreciatable for the steemit community. Many of people are following you. It just beacause of your work passion. I admire your all activities. Great work. Good luck brother.

Steemjet curation has been changing lives, these guidelines are quite easy to follow.

This is a beautiful development.
We appreciate the effort of the curation unit

Nice work, i guess this will enhance one's thinking faculty and makes the aspect of reasoning vast, good one @steemjet

The curation team have been outstanding so far


I am very glad you proposed standards for Steemjet curation. Rarely are standards concise and to the point. Hope we can maintain red tape that allows us to move at Steemjet speed.

If at all prudent, please add me to the list of curators.

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