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In the spirit of community interactions and engagements, we've noticed that many members of the community have been affected adversely by the introduction of RCs during Hf20.

The upgrade was targeted at minimizing the effects of spammers on the blockchain but unfortunately some innocent users whose intentions are to genuinely interact in the community are affected by the development.

A lot at a new accounts shows a Max of 3 comments before the RCs is exhausted.

Since @steemjet account is sitting on a generous Steempower delegation by @dimimp and @bleepcoin. @steemjet will be distributing 50sp each to 15 small sp accounts for one month as a way to help others.

Who's eligible for the mini delegation.

  • The account must not have more than 50sp already.

  • the account must not have been active for more than three months (any account active over 3 months should power up).

How do I enrol.

*You don't have to be a Steemjet Spaceforce member to request.

  • If you qualify, drop a comment below stating you want the delegation.

  • You can also suggest someone else if you are not qualify.

This delegation will last for only a month and will be rotated to a new set of users. We can only support a Max of 15 account now as our own Steempower is just a little over 800.

How can I support this initiative.

Small account holders can help themselves by powering up some of their post reward. Even if you cannot afford to buy in Steempower, power up the one you earn by posting.

Don't post spam comments and trolls. Give only targeted comments that are for engagements.

Generous individuals can support this initiatives by upvotes or Steem donation which will be power up to increase the number of reach.

Beneficiaries should be grateful to @dimimp and @bleepcoin whose generous delegations allows for this initiatives.

NOTE: we can remove the delegation at anytime if

  1. You got up to 200sp while still in your active delegation.

  2. It is discovered that you are spamming or the account is a bot.

So, who needs some mana and a little resource credit.?


Steemjet power!

Thank you @bleepcoin for supporting this initiative

Wow! I admit this is very thoughtful of the @steemjet team. I got to know about steemjet last month. I am new here and i think i am eligible for the delegation. I will try to power up my sp if i am being rewarded the delegation. Thanks.

Hi, am interested

@steemjet Team, For sure you came up with the effective decision and for sure this decision and action is reflecting the Kind and Community Development essence, so for that i want to appreciate your work.

And yes, when some issues happens in an Community then for sure community members should rise up to spread the helping hand in this way we all can move towards the right direction by setting right examples.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

The community will always take care of her own.

That's true. Keep up the great work team.

SP? Wow!!!
So nice to see this, like seriously have been long to have some. Thanks @steemjet

great initiative

Yes please I want this delegation... @everyoung

RCs make limitations for ateemit users. I hope every user will manage its Mana and Rcs. Good HF20. But it look very hard for new users.

I need delegation. Thanks @steemjet

I love this initiative. You can easily look up the #introduceyourself tag and see some relatively new steemians less than 3months old.

Keep up the good work

Looking up new tags may not be a good idea as some of the new accounts are not active.

You're right

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