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Since the creation of the steemjet curation team a few months ago, almost a thousand posts have been curated so far. Exceptional posts are featured on our daily post of the day, which means each post has been carefully reviewed by all curators.

Our work goes beyond reading and curating, it is not an easy task as we must be without favoritism while curating, overlooking friends and colleagues, devoting time to discovering excellent article, encouraging steemjetters to avoid plagiarism, sacrificing time for others and not one's self, and lots more.

Today, I introduce to you the steemjet curation community account. Henceforth, curation activities, reviews, giveaways will be done using the @steemjet-curator account. We ask for your cooperation and patience as we as individuals try to adjust to this new setting.

Courtesy: @jogreh


  • For you to be considered for an upvote, you must use the #steemjet tag and follow the steemjet community account @steemjet and @steemjet-curator.

  • Since cryptocurrency and blockchain education is of paramount importance to us at the moment, any post directed to this goal will be given special attention.

  • Articles and comments from any steemjetter which have thoughtful insight, offer benefit to the community at large and reflect the unique personality of the author.

  • Posts that show quality, proper referencing, lack of plagiarism and creativity.

  • Posts must contain at least 200 words, excluding pictures, arts, poetry, and videos.

The steemjet curators will cast a total of 10 - 20 upvotes per day with the voting weight set between 50% – 100% on average in order to keep voting power from dropping below 90%.

Currently, we have 3 curators which include @mhizsophie, @druids and @cherylsonty who are willing to contribute and support the steemjet community without any one person having to do all the work.


Furthermore, we will like to help the community in more ways than originally anticipated. Information regarding this will be passed across in few days’ time.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT @dimimp and the @steemjet community

Thank You!!!

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Is no doubt that the curation team has been so effective in discharging their duties. I hope boss @dimimp can atleast give them more room to serve the community effectively by granting them a delegation.

Thanks boss

Absolutely, our request has been pending for a long time. Sincerely, i wish @dimimp finds a way to encourage us for the work we are doing for the community as a whole.

The works of this group are quite commendable. Curating can be a daunting task and yet they have taken the bull by the horn.
Indeed, the people behind this need to be rewarded and recognised and I hope @dimimp notices this.
Well done and keep elevating the entire steemit community through your works.

I must commend the efforts of the steemjet curators... You guys are truly amazing. I hope you get the support you deserve from @dimimp and the community. I'll support as much as i can during giveaways. Cheers!!!

great work guys..
helping the community we will achieve great things

Steemjet is for us all. Your plan is mutually welcome and supported. Up Steemjet!

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