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         Refuse is waste material  that has been thrown away, it can also be refer to as left over from homes, streets, market places and companies. 
         Dumping  of this refuse has become one of the biggest challenge in our street, market places and in Nigeria in general. You can confirm this if you  can move an hundred meter from where you are now, As you are moving look left and right of the road and tell me what you see about refuse dumping in your own street most especially in gutter and in market  places. Refuse dumping is a big challenge to Nigerians. 
       Refuse dumping has really  affected human lives in Nigeria because some of this refuse were dump around living areas, shops and rivers. This brings about fowl smell, repulsive odour and deadly pathogens to our dwellings. It  makes lives around those area uncomfortable and people around this area are prone to different types of diseases which include cancer, lung problem etc. This diseases is as a result of microbials activities going on those refuse and the product might be harmful to human lives. The consequences of these are sickness, reduction in work force, standard of living and increase in death rate. 
         Refuse dump cause harm to aquatic organism as well because microbial activities on those  refuse in water reduce percentage of resolved oxygen in water. This make it difficult for aquatic organism to survive since every living thing depends directly or indirectly on oxygen for living.

Refuse dump can also cause clump or blockage of water channels which lead to floading. Many houses in Nigeria has been affected as a result of this and dwellers around the affected area dies as well. Cases of this nature is so common.
Seeing all this problems caused by refuse dump it is very important that Nigerian should understand the above stated problems and take preventive measures to ensure the worst will not happen. Fishes from those rivers becomes affected and we end up eating those fishes. We have to fight against such a thing with all our strength and might. This can only be achieved by the cooperate work between the Govt and the citizens, the citizens cannot do it without the Govt while the Govt can't without the citizens cooperation. The citizens have make sure that refuse were properly disposed and gutter are properly cleared for free flow of water. The Govt should ensure the those refuse collect from street were properly burnt or recycled and also avoid dumping them around living areas and farmland. Please promo and upvote.


Instead of trashing wrongly, business opportunities can come from waste...i know of a wealthy young lady that earns money from recycling

In advanced countries, things are not like that. It is shit.

Sewage and Refuse can be recycled....Nigerian Government, where you at?

This is Nigeria , if the youth of this country doesn't rise and do something it will be worse than this .