The SteemJet Stencil Contest

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Hello everyone,

@dimimp already picked a winning design in the previous STEEMJET MINIMAL LOGO CONTEST. @dromzz created a masterpiece logo from @shartzy's which turned out to be simple and perfect.

This contest is about recreating @dromzz logo using a stencil.

@dromzz's Logo

Here I did my Steemjet Stencil this morning, I thought I'd go ahead and bring you along for one real quick :)

First, I started with sketching the jet and the steem logo then I cut the form all the way completely out of the cardboard paper.


Here I made the inner circle in a different cardboard.


I cut off the inner circle and placed it on a white cardboard. This will form the background.


Using a blue watercolor, I painted the outside of the circle to get my blue background and an inner circle.


Then I lined it up with the steemjet stencil and painted it down with my desired color.


So, here it is, my steemjet painted logo. This is what it looks like;


153106352923948307 (1).jpg

Below, I added various painting effect to my original work using some online photo editing suites like Lunapic, GoArt and Imagatic

Van Gogh Effects




Simple Paint Effect


Super Spring Effect


Kandinsky Effect


Two Layered Steemjet Stencil Painting Using Photoshop CC 2014

Using the gradient tool, I opted to go with two simple colors for my design.


Some Effects


This is my work @dimimp, painted just the way I like it.

Thank you for going through my blog. I hope you have an outstanding day :)

Headed by @mbj and it consists of @shuta @ubongj @shrazi @mrrpiusz @faith49 @aaniejack @mariapatrick @sancti @lovelymkylie @omoumi @jogreh @shartzy @jbee007 @machnbirdsparo @moeenali @owaniofficial @applo @jesse12 @sistem @samuel9135 @soufiani @gnarlyanimations @joshuaedoja @abdulmanan @sweetim @anikearn @ungest @essiential


I'm short of words, this is absolutely amazing...... Both thumbs up bro

what jesse12 said

Thanks @jesse12 ... I'm thrilled you find my work amazing.
Glad you stopped by bruv :D

Nice art work

from the bottom of my heart this is the best I've ever seen. Your choice of color and effect is pretty impressive. And I must confess you've got a lovely taste. if only @dimimp will consider this to be the best, then everyone will appreciate hard work and creativity. Once more you are great and your concept is high and commendable

Wow! Thanks for the kind words bro. I truly appreciate.

You are welcome.

Wow you really spend quite a bit of time with these! They look awesome. My favorite is probably the last one on the right.

It took me several hours. Seems it was worth it after all. Thanks buddy. :)

Decent article and a great read.

Nice art man - your shrewdness is a blast

Great initiative, am impressed!

Thanks for the kind words buddy :D

Oh boy
This is so cool

Jeez, I think it's the best so far I have seen on here.

Really? ... Thanks dear!!!
Your words bring me satisfaction :D

I'm glad it does bring you satisfaction.
And I ain't mincing words. 😉

Nice work .....good luck.

I'll be needing all the luck :)

Amazing designs bro
I like it

Wow, this is too awesome, i never knew you are this good, you are just hiding!

Sincerely i haven't seen any artwork beating this, i hope dimimp comes soon to check this out.

Keep up the good work @shuta!

@cherylsonty ... I feel delighted reading every word you have typed. I am happy you find my work worthy... Thanks dear ... you rock!! :D

You're good bro

Its totally Awesome @shuta

Great innovation, and nice art. Keep supporting steemjet with your art drawing we are looking forward to you.

PH boy you have come to blow our minds. Nice one bro

You can say that again. He is a great man

Lool.. Thanks paddy

Nice @shuta

Artist of the year. Lol
Great art work man.
It's all good
Pure evidence of creativity.

Lool... Thank you. I appreciate the compliment 😁

Great design @shuta. We love it. Keep up the good work

Glad you love it buddy. Thanks for stopping by


This is amazing man.

You are so good at this stuff

Thanks bruv, i got lucky with this one too 😁

Wow! This is lovely

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