steemjet as a new opportunity

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steemjet contest is a new opportunity to the people of steemit it is very intresting contest if people takes it seriously. without wasting any time on facebook or Instagram. steemit is very nice site to earn money 💵
very great thanks to these people who motivated me towards it
@deandaniel @lordjames @mbj @empato365 @essiential @abdulmanan @rjunaid12 @wa2qr, @izuchukwu156 @samuel9135 @obaidb2 , @muhasib , @mumin007 , @mistakii , @dannytroniz, @jlordc , @dimimp @steemjet


How I can participate can you tell me because I am new in this community.
I just write my first post and I am still wandering what to do next.

just give same tags as i give and mentiin some in post as first 5 and last 5(@)