My Entry in STEEMJET

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here is my third entry in steemjet hope you people are fine
since i am new to steemjet. i am trying my best to rise up by the help of you people especially to mr @dimimp and steemjet community


Steemjet is a global community aimed at productivity, creativity, encouraging great talents, empowering great ideas, rewarding commitment etc and I want to be a part of it.
I joined steemit in May ... and it was difficult for me at start like most users of steemit felt at their beginning but I’m so grateful to Steemjet members especially @deandaniel @lordjames @mbj @empato365 @essiential who motivated me , appreciated my initial work for steemjet project and provided me more information about various projects like Steemjet , steemhigh , olivia and the superstar ....
Most of People in my country doesn’t know anything about steemit or steemjet or any other project ... I think the most important thing for making Steemjet a successful project is promoting it and keep awareness among the people about steemjet .
As i am new to steemjet i use to have simple posts do comment your views and also upvote it
@deandaniel @lordjames @mbj @empato365 @essiential @abdulmanan @rjunaid12 @wa2qr, @izuchukwu156 @samuel9135 @obaidb2 , @muhasib , @mumin007 , @mistakii , @dannytroniz, @jlordc , @dimimp @steemjet


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This is a decent entry being one of the first designs of yours. Keep making more designs and learning more :)

-@dromzz from steemjet social directors/moderators

yes i will try my best to learn