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The vision of the "STEEMJET" initiative which is bringing seem to the forefront of the public trade market is gradually becoming a reality. With the tireless efforts of the steam jet space force (SF1 - SF8) and the parent of this initiative @dimimp .

Subsequently, we would bring steem to every corner of the earth including Antartica when life exist there.

(STEEMJET.........We are Words and Steem)


Steemjet is a reality.. We shall achieve this together!! God job bro.

Thanks man, yeah we going global.

Steemjet is already changing lives.
So many people have been helped by this initiative and it keeps on growing :)

Nice one @shartzy. This was always the plan. It's good more people are looking in the same direction.

great job shartzy, this tool works great for phase 1, of our plan of getting everyone in the world on board, but for phase 2 (launch into outer space) our launch pad is going ro be in Antarctica (more on that initiative later)(months later if we are even lucky actually).

But "terriffic foresight" I must say shartzy!

Thank you so much sir, i’m glad that my work can still align with your thoughts even tho I spend less time on it due to situations beyond my control

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sets the right mode for the time

think this as glode and steemit and steemjet has already spread all around the world.
Weldone @shartzy