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My busy schedule won't let me stay focussed on the work here, but i still stay dedicated to this course. So from time to time i'll be dropping whatever i am able to design from my spare time on here...


We have come to stay, we have come to posses the planet.


This is good @shartzy...beautiful.


This is really some cool stuff man.
You're good.

I love this. But wouldn't it be better if the kid was playing with the kite and the father was holding the flag? Or was the father helping the kid fly the kite? Anyway Great Art you got there! :)

I know right?? But the idea is that the parent is setting up everything for the son, as you can see, the son weilds the flag and stretching his hands to get the kite too.

Portrays the fact that we building up something for the future generations. And that’s what we doing here at STEEMJET.
Thanks for the suggestion too

All the more loving it after the explanation. :)

Nice design you have there

Awesome stuff bro

Beautiful concept man