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Hey guys,
I just recently found out about the on going contest by @dimimp as regarding his great idea on spreading the word about crypto currency to people of all kinds, tribes and race.

With my little idea on minimalist logo designs, I decided to jump on this one not only for the cash price but for the fact that my work might be the face of this amazing project.

It was amazing working on this logo tho and I enjoyed every bit of it, when I finished I even fell in love with the work, and I hope y’all like it too.

This is me using it as my wallpaper

• The circle ⭕️ signifies the earth.
• The steem sign shows our goal. Total adoption of steem and other digital currencies as a universal means of trade
•. The passenger Jet signifies the SteemJet community as a team, going around the earth making sure our goal is attained.

I hope it makes sense.
Thanks to @dimimp for the opportunity.


You don't even need to explain it.

You have communicated the word "steemjet" in a universal language.

Big bold lines, super clean, simply stunning. A new front runner. How did you come up with it? Tell me the story, take me on the journey

I must say, it took more time thinking about it than executing it. Seeing all the entries with the amazing message they pass, I gathered inspiration from it all, the planes, the steem sign, the earth representation. Being a simplistic person, I thought of a cool way to bring all these together in plain lines and that gave birth to what we have.

Great bro and obviously, without thinking the execution is wont to be possible.

Good day sir, it’s been a bit and I haven’t heard from you. I’m not sure about what’s next, I would love to be at your service. I know you are kinda busy with the upvotes, which can be hectic, I hope to hear from you concerning the plan and also an update of my upvote. Thank you

paid you 12 / owe you 2288

You just inspired us to write a 4 part childerens book due to your ability to simplify explanation of complicated concepts. Who knows, maybe the captain's voice will be so electrifying that they will be commissioned to produce the official STEEMJET Audiobook!

I have been powering up all week so I can pay you back fast.

Because of the major backlog of payments due from the slogan fest and the fact that exams are taking up the time of many of our team members, we are extending the art contest (Lesson 1 - TIME) until June 30 when exams will be over. So take your time dreaming shartzy, and you will be paid at an increasing rate over the next several weeks.

Thank you sir, exams also has been the reason for my inactivity in recent times but soon i’ll be at your service

Take your time shartzy, You have already helped this community more than you will ever realize. You will be compensated for your efforts. You have helped us develop faster and more effectively than I had hoped! 21/2279

I appreciate your understanding sir.

Hello @dimimp please I've just sumitted my entry for the steemjet lesson 1 logo contest.
Check it out from this link and add it up

Win win win.png

Nice art work



Nice work bro. This is amazing

Thanks fam..

appreciated ❤️ bro great job

Thanks I appreciate

@shartzy brother where is the downloading link?

You should upload it on g-drive, and paste the link here. so i could download it.