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Sir, you were wondering how we can potray the adoption of Crypto currencies in the telecommunication industry?? say no more.......


The telecommunication industry which is the bedrock of all blockchain activities and its pros can't be overemphasised.
Take SteemJet for an instance, we get to share Steem all over the universe and this wouldn't be possible if we didn't have a network that could connect us all together. Now this done with just a click on a portable device


what better way can they be to this??

This page could be included in the book "OLIVIA AND THE SUPERSTAR" by simply placing olivia at the base of the tower, i bet @shrazi is capable of making this work.

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Everyone need to SteemJet Education.

That's a good application..
I'm eager to see what else we can come up with.


Same here brother

It's an amazing and practical able suggestions. It has a tendency to convey steemjet message around the globe in a most efficient way @shartzy keep it up nice sharing


Thank you a lot, i'm grateful.

just downloaded a song from your music blog; nice stuff you got going on there.