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I want to join steemjet community.I apply @dimimp Sir for a job ,i am so happy that he response my command .So now i am inspired so much to his response.This is my #First post about #steemjet

Why you give me a job???

1. Strong motivation and commitment for work.
2. Endurance to work long hour and under pressure.
3. Ability to work independently as well as a team member.
4. Commendable communication and presentation skills.

152683867447924021 (2).gif


Good job

Thank you for using our tag #steemjet you got an upvote.
I am SF7 "stemjet Nigeria initiative"
I welcome newbies


I love the design.
Welcome to the steemjet community and I'm glad you like it here

Thank you sir,i think @dimimp is the great ,i also get a opportunities in his community

I hope he will have a look at your proposal.


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