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On this post I will have to give the report from Day 4 {Thursday} - We did an awesome Open campiagn in Adeyemi University of Education (AFUED) .

The aims and objectives of the vision of steemjet is

• Global adoption of STEEM.
• Help the broke student.
• Distribution of STEEM globally.
• Bringing crypto to the knowledge of students.
• Help the kids (Olivia and the superstar)

I introduce to you SteemJet Campus STEEM , we are team of 10 delegates of the SteemJet Spaceforce members from different states in Nigeria (background), and we storm 4 University campuses in western part of Nigeria with the message of steem, creating awareness while teaching the benefits of steem and crypto.

On Monday, 9th of July, 2018 to 13th of July, 2018 myself and some set of steemjet delegates start the campus STEEM campaign project.

We have gone out on 5 days campaign and seminars at stretch back to back from Monday to Friday.
Here we comes with the report of this great campaign.

• Day 1 {Monday} - we went to Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA)

• Day 2 {Tuesday} - we went to two higher institutions namely : University of Medical science (unimed, state higher institution) and Westley University (Private higher institution)

• Day 3 {Wednesday} - we did a seminar on crypto currency in Adeyemi University of Education (Titled : bringing crypto to the knowledge of students)

• Day 4 {Thursday} - We did an awesome Open campiagn in Adeyemi University of Education (AFUED).

• Day 5 {Friday} - We went to St. Mary Primary school and St. Stephen Secondary school Ondo, western part of Nigeria.

On this post I will have to start the report from Day 4 {Thursday} - We did an awesome Open campiagn in Adeyemi University of Education (AFUED) .

We organized a Mega open campiagn and awareness on crypto currency for the student of Adeyemi University of Education (Titled : bringing crypto to the knowledge of students) .

This Mega campiagn and awareness was held at the central of attraction of the institution, where we get a large turn up of student who came out to hear us out. It was held at the front of Tinubu hostel in Adeyemi University of education Ondo state {AFUED}.
We have over 2157 student in attendance.
We have to let them know what to keep them busy after school and while they are still in school.

We met with many steemian who have drop out of steemit because their post is not getting the expected upvote. We have to encourage them by promising them to upvote them if they give the community (steemjet) something reasonable. So we are upvoting them with the little steempower we have.

Some want us to open an instant account for them which requires paying of some STEEM, we have two tell them we are not financially buoyant to do that for them and most of them went for normal registration, which they will have to wait for two weeks to verify their account.

We have alot of entertainment for the student and different activities to make the day more colourful for steemjet. We are so happy to have a large turn out of student who have interest in joining steemit.

We ensure that almost 65% of the Student now know about steemjet and steemit, in Adeyemi University of Education (AFUED).

As we also have a large number of students who are up for instant registration, but they have to wait for two weeks for their account should be fully registered.

We have a question and answer section for the student to know who really have great interest in joining steemit. We were impressed with the turn out, and we have no choice but to open an instant account for two of the students and they have already written their introduction post. Here is the list.


We have alot of student who participated in our questions and answers section but we have to choose the best for instant registration and compensate others with customised books , while others who registered have to wait for two week because we don't have enough STEEM to get an instant account for all the student and they are even happy they can register for free.

We gave out our contact for student who may need guidance or help when they get their account activated as we also promise to encourage them with upvote, with the steempower given to us by steemjet . I will also be happy if we can get more steempower to encourage this newbies.

Here is the large turn up we have for the open campaign and awareness


Entertainment section






Here we are with one on one campaign for students.


The turn up was so superb



We are still on the awareness ground at night.

We have alot of pictures and videos to upload for this, but we don't want the page to be heavy for easy access for the readers.

We work day and night tirednessly for steemjet to ensure we achieve the global adoption of STEEM.

Steemjet : on the wings of superstars, we are words and STEEM.

Together we can make STEEM globally adopted.