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The aims and objectives of the vision of steemjet is

• Global adoption of STEEM.
• Help the broke student.
• Distribution of STEEM globally.
• Bringing crypto to the knowledge of students.
• Help the kids (Olivia and the superstar)

STEEM can not be globally spread by a single person but someone have to start with his immediate environment, this global adoption of STEEM can not be achieved if there is no proper campaign / awareness of what we want to be globally adopted.

I introduce to you SteemJet Campus STEEM , we are team of 10 delegates of the SteemJet Spaceforce members from different states in Nigeria (background), and we stormed 4 University campuses in western part of Nigeria with the message of steem, creating awareness while teaching the benefits of steem and crypto.

I have successfully onboard 10 delegates members of steemjet from different states of Nigeria and am till onboarding more members of steemjet, to actualize the vision of the community. @joshuaetim also made a great effort for this campiagn and awareness, he supposed to be in the team, but he couldn't because of health challenge.

On Monday, 9th of July, 2018 to 13th of July, 2018, myself and some set of steemjet delegates start the campus STEEM campaign project.

We went out on 5 days campaign and seminars at stretch back to back from Monday to Friday.
Here is the report of this great campaign.


From the left
@emmatallest , @ninoh22 , @sirpee1 @dimsyto , @thompson22 , @OYEC, @benjamin60 , @sirdeza , @josoft

We make our campiagn and seminar in 4 higher institutions (2 federal higher institutions , 1 state higher institution and 1 private higher institution) , 1 secondary school and 1 primary school.
Our campiagn was done for 5 days.
Our campaign report will be written in 6 post report, listed below from Day 1 to Day 5

• Day 1 {Monday} - we went to Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA)

• Day 2 {Tuesday} - we went to two higher institutions namely : University of Medical science (unimed, state higher institution) and Westley University (Private higher institution)

• Day 3 {Wednesday} - we did a seminar on crypto currency in Adeyemi University of Education (Titled : bringing crypto to the knowledge of students)

• Day 4 {Thursday} - We did an awesome Open campiagn in Adeyemi University of Education (AFUED).

• Day 5 {Friday} - We went to St. Mary Primary school and St. Stephen Secondary school Ondo, western part of Nigeria.

On this post I will have to start the report from Day 1 {Monday} - we went to Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) .

From the left
@dhayor , @dimsyto , @sirdeza , @benjamin60 , @josoft , @thompson2 , @sirpee1 , @ninoh22, @emmatallest , @oyec
These are the unbeatable team.

We all went to Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) for the campaign and seminars. FUTA have over 20,000 (twenty thousand) student on campus, we target to visit on Monday so as to get enough attention of student. Our aim of visiting this higher institution is to bring crypto to the knowledge of students so as to make global adoption of STEEM easier to achieve.

As we got to Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) , we have to observe protocol by visiting the student union president of the institution called comrade Ibrahim Aluta P and the vice president of FUTA .


After meeting with the president of the institution, we troop out to meet the student of the institution to let them know about the STEEM and we also tell them more about steemjet and what steemjet has done in the life of steemian.

We met with some of the steemian in FUTA and they complain about not getting enough upvote. We have to tell them about steemjet, that this community encourage talent and alot if questions in which we give them answer to it.
As we told them about steemjet, they have no other choice but to dust their phone and come back to steemit to continue.

We also met with so many student who have interest in joining steemit, we welcome them and teach them how to easily make it on steemit, we as well visit the student in lecture rooms. We have many pictures took many pictures, but we have to upload some, so as not to make this page heavy to upload.







We also met with the Admin officer of the institution. We have to let him know the benefits of investing in crypto and what he will gain while investing in crypto.











We are happy to tell the community that we registered over 183 student in FUTA instantly on Monday, while others promise to join steemit as soon as they get back to their hostel.

#campus STEEM campaign in FUTA.

In unity with steem, we can make STEEM globally adopted .

Thank you for your time

On the wings of superstars, We are words and Steem.

SteemJet All the way!!!!


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