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Good day to my fellow spaceforce.

In respect to one of our roles and duties as STEEMJET HUMAN RESOURCE/WELFARE DEPARTMENT to produce online spaceforece membership ID card.
Here is the production of the ID card

If you are a space force member kindly copy your own .

Currently steemjet has up to 104 delegates from SF1-7 , but we are able to get few passport photography, in view of this, we only produce for the members we have their passport photography .

I will like to let you know that this is the first phase of the production of the ID cards, we are still going to produce for members who are yet to submit their passport photography for the ID card.

Please if your ID card is not among the first phase of the production and you are a member of the force, please kindly drop your favorite passport photography in the comment box below as I will be attending to all comment.

If your username is not spelt correctly, kindly notify me as I will do the corrections, and if there is an other error, kindly let me know about it. I stand to be corrected.

If you are yet to fill steemjet membership form click here so your name can be on our data base, we also celebrate all member on their birthday.

God bless you all




































Note that this is the first phase of the production, the second phase of the production will be for members who have not submit their passport photography and also for corrections (if any).

The second phase of the production will be produce on 20th of June 2018 (Wednesday), please submit your passport photography before that day.

If you are yet to fill steemjet membership form click here so your name can be on our data base, we also celebrate all member on their birthday.

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well here is my photo

Is strange because i put a photo in the form. you got the form right? please let me know, my internet some times is pretty bad. thank u
I'm part of the space force 7




Hey man I still owed you 106 in liquid steem, but ran out of liquid steem last week when I was paying out so I promoted you to SF5 (deandaniel receommended you to SF6 last week) and extended your contract 6 months if that is ok instead, but if you would rather have the liquid steem then I can reset your position at the company back to SF5.

The choice is yours. If I don't hear from you, then I will just leave it, cheers


well yeah, that's ok, a better way to bring that global steem adoption that we are headed to.
Nice to know about the promotion to change it in my comments to invite people.
I see this as an investment.
Thanks boss.

You did a very nice one I must say @ninoh22..
Kudos to your hand work for the steemjet community.

We love it, and keep doing what you doing.


Thank you @uche-nna for the words of encouragement.

There are some people who got promoted, like @mrrpiusz is now in spaceforce3 how will you correct this sort of error?


I will correct that in the next production, I used the list of delegate and grouping of department on your @empato365 blog.

Thank you.

Thank you for the cards.


You are always welcome. Am at your service.

Good work man.
I love your work.
You are the kind of people that deserve everything


Thank you. Am always at your service.

This is beautiful and creative


Wow this is so making sense man
Both thumbs up bro
I love my looks though
Nice Job man


Thank you @jesse12 .

Well done, good one. I'm impressed about your efforts so far


Thank you my HOD, you are the one giving us the lead.

Good one on this one. Do well to edit mine. We are Security/Public Relation



Great job man...

You deserve some accolades


thank you @jacobite, I will need your passport photography for your ID card.

Nice work bro.


Thank you @gnomicrules.

Good work bro <3 much love, i already submit my entry in the database but i did not upload my own photo so i will send you on discord PM and full detail, can i Edit the Database entry?


I will be waiting for your photo on my DM on discord.


bro i already DM you on Discord check it


Alright, seen. ✔️


Thank you dear

This is a nice Job, I suggest it should be printed plastic form

This was a wonderful job and compilation, well done @ninoh22 and do well to update that of other space force members


Thank you @steemjet I will do that in the next production.
One love keep us together

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Just had to promote you for this incredible effort, just beautiful vision you have my friend!!

I absolutely love the colors, fonts, and design. It really is an exceptional piece. I loved this so much that I started a contest to see if it is even remotely possible improve the miniature logo at the top left. Jogreh's logo in the background makes these cards shine (because it dims the busyness of the image itself so you get all the feel and beauty of it without all the distraction of the multi colors and lines (I guesss it is because the contrast is darker)) sheer brillinace on your interpretation of the purpose/effectiveness of his radiant image. I just love these, so I put a contest to see if we can improve the logo on the top left to remove the redundancy.

If we get a new minimal logo to use on these, then I will promote you again if you can integrate it for us.

again, these are simply incredibly perfect for what we are trying to accomplish here!!!!

Hey ninoh22, I will give you an EXTRA promotion (to SF5) if you agree to maintain these records as the members get promoted.

And another promotion if you update the logo in the upper left corner with the winner of the contest I started today, so that would put you in SF4

(please say yes)


Of course he will say yes.
Why would anyone say no to this.

There is a girl @utomobong who wants to become a spaceforce member I read her proposal yesterday.
I Recommend her for SF5

Take a look at what she said she can do.

Just incase you thought of promoting more people from SF7 to SF5
@sancti @ungest @nexrules @folly-pandy should be among them.

They are cool working with


yes boss @dimimp, I will make it sure that I keep the records of members of Space force and I will ensure to also make updates of the members ID card as they get promoted by you sir.

And for the logo
I will also ensure to change the logo at the right part of the ID card to the new one that will be announced by you as the new logo of steemjet.
I will be expecting the promotion from you sir @dimimp