Request for cash out from dimimp

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@dimimp the boss of all bosses.
As Dan told us that we should not waste our time in upVoting ourself, because time is money, and it have to be spent wisely. You also make emphasis that we should invite in other crypto, and investing in other crypto will make us to have more knowledge about crypto currency and we will impact the knowledge into people next to us.

On this note am now requesting for cash out option for my steempower of #sf2 500 liquid steem.


And I will be happy if you can increase the steem so as to use it to support the next steemjetbteaching of crypto and promoting steemjet in western part of Nigeria.

Please I will like to ask for one favor from you sir. Please sir help us to fund our project for campus crypto, my team and I want to embark on another strong campaign and awareness for crypto. We are ready to teach people about crypto and we are ready to let their eye open to crypto. We will also move towards government officials to also invite in crypto, we should not just have crypto minners only in crypto, we should bring in investors that will become whale and also do what you are doing in crypto market. As you know that we have done a great campus steem campaign before. Please kindly help to fund this project. Don't kill the skills in us as we are ready to work strongly for the community #steemjet. Here is the link to the previous 5 days project again

Please we just need a total amount of 2649 steem (due to low price of steem as at today). We have the full breakdown of the fund in the above link.

Please you have seen our project proposal before you don't talk about it but please kindly say something about it as your silent is killing us about this project and I know you always fund and encourage good work. Please kindly help us by funding this project as we have alot of surprises for steemjet as we have done 5 days campus steem. Please don't kill our vision and mission for steemjet because of liquid steem.



My team and I are ready to teach crypto for the young coming generation the vision of crypto must grow and boom.

Please reply this sir , as this is the only hope for my team and I have to wake up the weak crypto. Please don't kill our vision because of steem.

Please fund this lovely project as your silent about this great mission for steemjet is killing us. Please don't be silent. Your silent means you don't want steemjet to move forward as before.
#we #love #steemjet


Thumbs up.. God bless your efforts

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