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Good day boss @dimimp , you said and I quote
show me what you have done and I will fund you.

Am very happy that you encourage good work done by your employees and you always compensate for the job done by funding.

I and my team have embarked on 5 days teaching of crypto. Which was tagged "bringing crypto to the knowledge of the student"


Now that, the aim of steemjet is all about teaching of crypto (bitcoin, Litecoin, DBG).

We have made a comprehensive report of this event and am happy you have seen it, because you use many of our event pictures as your post and you also make use of our videos for the event and am sure you really love it.

As you always teach us and the kids that

time is money

We have spent our time (5 days) and our money on this great project but you have not fund the project nor talk about it yet.
we have planned to take the next direction of steemjet which is pure teaching of crypto (pure science) but, fund is really setting us back. Please kindly prove to us that our time and money is not wasted by giving us fund.

My team mate are already discouraged for not hearing from you about the fund, am sure you are the kind of man that love to encourage good work ,you do fulfil your promise and you are the man of your words. Am sure you will surely grant the funds, but we want it earlier so as to embark on the new direction of steemjet aim (pure teaching of crypto).

We understand the fact that teaching of crypto is our next move Of steemjet and we are moving to do more of it, and we have already draw out the plan, fund is the only thing delaying us.

you said and I quote

I will always compensate good work for steemjet, if you show me what you have done.
The only compensation is to grant us fund.

Here are the noticeable things we did when teaching of crypto.

Here is the video to prove when @ninoh22 was teaching crypto to over 860 students during the event and we have a large turn up for the event.

Here is the students in attendance for the event


Turn up of student who are ready to learn crypto


As we all know how much you love kids and you also want us to teach the kids pure crypto.
We visited the kids in their environment of learning to teach them crypto
Here we are in the class teaching the kids you love crypto

Here is the video of where we are teaching them crypto . I can't imagine steemjet can put smile on the face of the kids.

We make sure to make them happy as well and they compensate steemjet by saying a big thank you.
Here is the video of the kids saying thank you steemjet, we love steemjet.

Second set of kids who appreciates steemjet for teaching them crypto and putting smiles on their faces.

Here is where we are giving the kids a collective orientation and teaching of crypto on the assembly .


Now that steemjet is also focusing on music and dance.
We make it sure on the event that we catch the dances young as they have many talent to show for the world and this will help in teaching of crypto by sighting a good example of been happy.
Music is life
Dancing is entertaining during teaching.
All work without play makes Jark a doll boy.
As we are learning crypto we have to entertain our self.

You have used this our dancers as your post as well in which you like it sir. Please all this deserve compensation as you said.

Boss @dimimp to encourage us and prove to us that we have not wasted our precious time (money) by doing this for this great community, please kindly help us by funding this project as we have a good vision in the Future to teach pure crypto .

We have already listed and break down what we want for the event. We wrote a proposal of 3349steem to embark on this great coming event as well. Please put a smile on your employees by funding this great project sir.

Thanks and God bless you.


I pray that God touch the heart of @dimimp to grant your request

I pray that God touch the heart of @dimimp to grant your request

I pray that God touch the heart of @dimimp to grant your request

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