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Truth must be told. Blacks have inferiority complex. This is not because they were born or created inferior but were made inferior.
I read a book 'How white underdeveloped Africa' and smiled.
Fact is,before contact with the white that demoralised or inferiorised the blacks what was our level of development and civilization? When i say blacks,am not talking North Africa,am into the real blacks with big nose from West,East and South Africa. What was our level of civilization,how developed were blacks before the slave trade? Truth is,we owe the whites a lot of praise for our snail level of development. At least we can read and write now,so they say as if there was no nsidibi among the igbos as a means of writing before then. Before imperialism, colonization,business transactions with the whites,what did we have? some ask.
Before slave trade and colonization that took most of our able body men and intellectuals from the shore of our land we had great cultures and civilization,great history and religion,great languages,sporting activities,great empires like the empire of Benin,empire of Mali. We had blacks of beauty,pride and confidence,a happy people before things fell apart.
Contact with the white and there cultures made us inferior. Slave trade made us animals,we lost our history,our pride,our identity,our cultures. Little wonder you hear blacks say 'am black and am proud,black is the best color,we are blacks' like someone is dragging it with you. That's inferiority in our system. Have you ever heard a white man say words like 'am white and am proud,white is the best,we are whites', they don't,cause they don't feel inferior. They know they are the best,they don't have to prove it. We've lost everything without asking questions. We complain of white being racist and everyday we run to there countries for greener pasture,our youth running to play soccer for France or Belgium. So many black athletes running for England. We blame our leaders why Africa is struggling,like why do i see black kids with flies in there faces when i look at the t.v, why can't we be better or even the best.
Yes we were primitives but so was the white people. There were times in the western world where human lives lacked value,humans were burnt and killed in the name of being witches,whites walked without cloths and lived in hamlet,worshiped different gods,fought tribal wars,killed innocent children called unfit children,slept and married many women,had no respect for women,incense was nothing,so many cultural immoralities but they moved and became better and civilized.
Blacks would have developed and become powerful,more civilized if not for the western incursion, imperialism,colonization and religion influence. Blacks would have grown at their own pace no matter how slow or challenging it could have been. Blacks claim and fight for christainity like its our ancestral religion. We've been brain washed. How do we grow or compete when we have lost our root,our education is programmed not to teach traditional religion at basic level because it is seen as fetish and devilish. God is white devil is black,so we see in movies. Would white have accepted Jesus as the messiah if he was a black Samuel l. Jackson,would catholic pray to the holy Mary if she was a black Opera Winfred? We all know the answers. Believe me,am not a racist. I love whites a lot and i wish i was white with such a high self-esteem, development,civilization,governance and dominance,but truth is,am black and there is a reason for that. We blacks have to come out from our shells,break the religion indoctrination in our system,start thinking and acting differently if we dream of getting to the level of the whites or even being better. Thank you.

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