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Why do they always deceive us that all men are equal.
Like black,white,short,tall, Chinese,rich,poor are all equals.
True. Same human when we look in the mirror. We can't see between the lines the lies they feed us.
No human is equal but we all equals as humans.
We have eyes,legs,head,physiques as attribute of humans but those attribute does not make us equals
You can't tell me a rich man like Bill Gate is equal to that poor man in my gate
I doubt if the same womb breed me and David Beckham or children in slave camps
Do we all have the same potentials?
Jews seem smatter to other race is not coincidental.
Some born with silver spoons,some born mental
No mind is the same not even if they got the same genetic influence in their veins so how can we be equals.
Some are slow learners ,some genius
Some dwarfs, some giants
We not equal the way the society view us
There is gender inequality among us
Racial abuses, religion is not being fair with us. Rich kids go to Harvard and Cambridge while poor kids become servant and street hawkers
Some live in mantions some in hut and caves
Lies that break waves,drives me insane
How long must we keep lying to ourselves that we equals.

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