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Nigeria my country. A country blessed with great resources but caused with bad leaders. A country that is suppose to be swimming in wealth and development but drown in poverty and unemployment. A country that has almost all the natural resources but cant make use of it. Nigeria! Is there a country like u. Politicians loot the treasury only to buy properties overseas that they don't even see or make use.A country where the youth run true the mediterrenean sea even at the risk of their lives because they believe being in Nigeria takes away there hope of a better life. Millions of children hawking on the street when they suppose to be in school learning how to read. Nigeria my country! A place where political positions is fought like civil war. Our roads is like a death trap but we still travel on it. A country where we don't see the children of our leaders in our educational institutions. A country where you can count easily the amount of industries in it. A place where our president run out to get medical attention. Nigeria my country! What is our offence towards you? Our fathers did not build the foundation this way. Our youth have all turned internet fraudsters,our girls take pleasure in prostitution. Graduate cant even find jobs.
When did we become like this? I remember Nnamdi Azikiwe,Obafemi Awolowo,Aminu Bello and i wonder if they dancing in their graves. We have become a mockery in the eyes of our neighbours. South Africans fight us,Even Ghana mock us and Kenya now repatriate us. When are we gonna grow up,does the killings in the North not enough to unite us? Nigeria! Hausa hate igbos,igbos hate yorubas. How long shall we continue in hatred. How long shall we continue to run to better countries for help. We claim the white are racist but inside of us we envy them.
Let us grow up. It time for us to speak the truth.Our president is not the total problem. We are our own problem. Our system is not working. We need restructure the system. First we have to remove ' state of origin' from our constitution. It causes more division than unity. Restructure our federal system. Let have state police. It will increase security and create employment. Restructure allocation and derivation policy. Let state learn to be functional organisation. Let there be true autonomy. Let them learn to create wealth and income from the available resources in their states. Nigeria my country. We can make this country our Norway it begins with restructuring. Thank you

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