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Nigeria,what a country. A place where nothing is working. You spend four-five years in the university and serve for another one year in nysc only to come out and search for a job for 5 years. You finally get a job they tell you the salary is 20000 naira. Nigeria! A place where the police can slap you on your right and the masses will still applaud them with the saying ' why was he arguing with them' . Nigeria my country! A place where poverty is the order of the day,a place where children that are suppose to be in school are seen hawking during school hours. Nigeria. A place where lies become truth. Nigeria my country. A place where we cant tell ourselves the bitter truth. The president becomes the minister of petroleum and ask the youth to go and farm. A place where darkness covers the day because of lack of power supply. Nigeria,a place where we have more churches and mosques than industries but still have a very high rate of crime and killings. Nigeria my country. Where bad roads are not treated untill it takes the life of the son of a governor that when attention is paid to it. Nigeria my country. A place where the president wins presidential primaries with 14 million votes and wins general election with 15 million vote. Nigeria my country. A place where the funding of the country comes from mainly one part. A country where election rigging is the order of the day. A shit country where abuse of rule of law triumph over everything. A country where the youth keeps running out everyday through the mediterenean sea even at the detriment of their lives. Nigeria my country. Where whenever the prices of goods gets high it does not come down
How long shall we continue to suffer? Our pastors can no longer pray to God because they have been blinded by the wealth of our politicians. Who shall we cry to for rescue,who shall we run to for help. A country where death and terrorism has been politicised. Bokoharam kills,fulani herdsmen kills,armed robbers,ritualist kills and now our politicians in the name of elections. How long shall we cry out. How long shall our rights be abused.
Nigeria my country,i wish i was not born in such a shit country like nigeria where the only path to instant wealth is through internet fraud,killings etc. A place education is a complete mess

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