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children-of-uganda-1994833__480.jpg Sometimes I wonder why people fail to understand that they are not the architect of their own destiny.
All humans were born a tabular razar,a clean slate.white, black and coloured. Non had a clue of his life before birth. Maybe I would have preferred to be a white man,an American,a Beckham,a lady,a scientist or a spy. I was just born suddenly into a clueless world without a clue of what I was and what my future is.

Suddenly indoctrination comes playing it part. Your parents start indoctrinating you, writing your life into the society the same way theirs was done.
The indoctrination start this way;

  1. FAMILY. They possess a lot of influence in the life of a child. If u are born into a christains or Muslim home,u become a christains or Muslim. Family influence your Gene,your way of life, education, your thinking,environment etc. They make you believe whatever they feel is right or just. The question is,what if they are wrong or have been wrong for years.
    2.RELIGION. A christains home tells the child that Jesus is God,that christainity is the best and only truthful religion in the world. Same thing applies to muslim,budhism and every religion in the world. You become indoctrinated to fight and die for a course you know nothing about.You start fighting for a god. You loose your understanding that you never heard. You have been indoctrinated. Same applies to religion fanatics that can fight and die for anything they believe in. They never asked the question,'what if my thinking is wrong?'
    3.EDUCATION. Parents play a lot of role in making a child what they want. The child is sent to school,some religious schools, vocational school, same sex school etc that is meant to make the child fit into a programmed society. You start acting the way you think is right because of an influence from education.some become doctors,lawyers,engineers,teachers etc and they live like that till they die.All falls on indoctrination

  2. ENVIRONMENT. Where a child is born into goes a long way in the life of a child. Children born in a rich environment possess rich mentality,those born in educational less developed environment tend to have different problem like low self-esteem, joblessness,high level of illiteracy etc. A child born in Somalia where he sees war everyday will think that is how life is everywhere. You don't even have the power to decide the environment you want to be born into. Wherever you born into the society tries to influence or indoctrinate you to believing what ever they think is right in one way or the other

    We've never been the decider of our own destiny. Children are only born into the world and are made to believe whatever the world wants them to believe. Some believe Jesus is Lord,some in science,some in islam,some in tradition,some in themselves,some in budhism,some in war. Whatever you believe in,you are influenced in one way or the other. Your believe may be right or wrong. No man's life is worth the death of a believe because that believe may be wrong.homeless-844215__480.jpg

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