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The steemjet curation team is steemjet newest department formed by @empato365 which is led by myself @mhizsophie, it is group of elite individuals who are working tirelessly to curate posts that conform to the steemjet objective of global steem adoption.

The department aims to support the community both delegates and non delegates by rewarding their quality posts their encouraging them to help us achieve our vision of global adoption.

Currently the team consists of 7 active members @mhizsophie @cherylsonty @druids @lovelykylie @benlegend1 @samexycool @ewuoso who are responsible for what we call hunting, they are each giving a task to find a quality post which can be curated with the steemjet account and the collective steempower of the group. These Bounty hunters have been performed excellently over the past week but we need more to do more.
The team is currently being supervised by me, we do a Featured Post everyday, curating steemjet posts. While curation may be our priority, we also work on steem promotion and steemjet design, Below are some links to confirm the authenticity of our work

Featured Posts
@mhizsophie Featured Posts

@cherylsonty Featured Post

Visit @mhizsophie for a detailed post


Some Fine Articles By Curation Team Members

@samexycool Teaching Nigeria About Steemjet On Facebook

@samexycool making a strategy for global steem adoption through social media

@druids teaching minnows about the steem blockchain and its secrets

We need gadgets to work and increase our efficiency. Below is a detailed budget.


In order to increase the efficiency of post hunting and curation, the team needs 7 laptops, wifi routers and data subscription. We requesting for funds to purchase Hewlett Packard Laptops.

We are using the HP 15 Pentium Quad Core With a speed of 1600MHZ and a 4 gigabyte ram which allows a fast and smooth working operation while offering portability.

Cost For The Hp laptop is 164steem
Total Cost for 7 laptops = 1148 steem

4G LTE Wifi routers and Data subscription= 350 steem

Total Requested Budget=1498 steem



This the beginning of a new era, I have waited long for this to happen.

We at the Steemjet Curation department believe in delivering quality services.

At boss @Dimimp Just as you said in your recent post that time is money. And since you do not have time on your side, you use money to buy our time. Some of us find it difficult to subscribe our data plan because of lack of funds. So we need funds to improve our workforce. Thank you.

The steemjet curation team has been working tirelessly, the need to increase the awareness of users and expand the steemjet tag through quality post curation is imperative to the growth of the steemjet community.

I believe the approval of the budget will go a long way in launching the team in it's agenda.


Great post @mhizsophie, i would say the curation team is very unique. As we support the community members by putting smiles on their faces and making sure that their payout for their quality post is worth their effort and time.

@dimimp we hope to get a full approval and support from you to make our vision a reality.

Longlive @dimimp!
Longlive the curation team!

We are words and steeem.

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@ewuoso does a awesome job at finding quality contents, you guys are doing a good job, i also make tutorials about mark down usage, im not sure where to post the links though

Creating a better us an idea that must never be looked down on cause the children are the future. God bless the inventor of this idea and also bless our boss @dimimp you are a blessing to so many out there