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Steemjet is a global community Hosted on steem blockchain. It is a community of talented superstars working very hard to promote steem in order to Make steem attain a global adoption.


"SteemJet Bangladesh" is a charity club of steemjet biggest family
We are a member of SF7. I am from Bangladesh first I want to tell Bangladesh is so poor country. There is more population in the low area. we notice that many people are suffering and struggle for life. I and @applo get an idea about charity club in Bangladesh.As a steemjet community member we work for steemjet worldwide biggest family and we share our biggest community in Bangladesh. As soon as our work is started. I think in this process we gather knowledge and publicity of steemjet biggest community world wide.


8 members of our team with t-shirt.

- “SteemJet Bangladesh’’ future plan:

We have a training canter. We visit every school in Bangladesh and select some talented student for teaching them Graphics design. I specially teach them about steemit, steemjet and graphic designing .We've got more plan. We will go to different schools in our country and explain all the students' about steamjet.





We buy more 4 laptops Of our team for training

We need a PC for our office. Buying the laptops ends our money. I and @applo were able to give some more funds to our bank. But it will not be there. If we need some more money then we can start completely.

- We need

1. 3 pc for office cost 1000 steem

2. The first-day celebration cost 500 Steem.

3. Ad, Benner, and poster cost 300 Steem.

4. Overhead/ another cost 200 steem


We need to start total 2000 Steem for start. Dear @dimimp ,I think we can do this project as a Bangladeshi steemjet member .

 We will spend 4000 steam. I and @applo giving 2000 steam to our bank account. If the rest of the 2000 steem is collected then it will start the steamJet Community Bangladesh and work.

Especially thanks for @lordjames .He donate us 200 Steem for “SteemJet Bangladesh” community club. We use 200 Steem for the t-shirt, room decoration and instrument cost. Already we withdraw 200 steem for T-Shirt printing and other cost.


Powered by @dimimp



I wish a community like thats .i am do happy to join Steemjet bangladesh community.@applo and @mdnazmulhasan try hard for steemjet bangladesh charity club.i wish this plan are success.Two per are both hard worker.

You are really most welcome [email protected]

than you for support us .. We must surely reach our noble goal

We are so excited that we start our SteemJet Bangladesh community.already some of instrument are collected and many more are missing because of low money problem.we have not more money.please help ?

Because you are a very good man, we can move far enough

Wow. Its really beautiful and amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

yes steemjet is high in bangladesh

Great efforts brother @mdnazmulhasan
best wishes for you and your friend @applo.
May you succeed in your project.
I am also planning to start program like that in pakistan.

nice to meet you here.

Steemjet Bangladesh charity club is always great

yes I want Bangladesh and everyone knows who is the steamjet


I think @dimimp support this great project

boss @dimimp has always been with us and has always been there

you are right

There are all of member is so active .we work hard for our community.we are all can't sleep two night for arrangement.we buy laptob,print t shirt and clean our office.our leader @mdnazmulhasan and @applo both are so hard worker and perfect leader.

yes it's true Everyone is active

Fantastic community.i also thanks to @applo and @nazmulhasan for his great decition.

thank you for support us. I know one day in Bangladesh and everyone knows the steamjet

i also work for steemjet Bangladesh community club.
@dimimp is great person
i liker him

Good job

Carry on

@dimimp sir help u

yes He always helps us

right boss,i like @dimimp

Steemjet Bangladesh is very essential charity club in our country

yes steemjet is high in bangladesh

Great job
I like it

Thank you sir
I like your community & support you so much
Thanks for sharing your post
@dimimp boss like you

Love you boss


we always love our boss @dimimp

Amazing idea dear friend

Good project sir.i like our project so much.obiously @dimimp sir like steemjet bangladesh

Very good project .

Upvote and resteem

@dimimp is great person he also approved steemjet bangladesh social work.

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Wonderful project. I will glad to participate with the project. Thanks all donar to support the project and wish to support the project in future.

All member of our community are always active
**Thank you everybody for support **

yes, you are right. you are too good

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