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‌I am the steemjet born to fly
Climb so high and touch the stars,
Every night my dreams , my flight,
Will keep me wondering when's my time,
To take my place amongst the cloud,
But all my fears try to take my shine,
Whenever I turn around to fly,
The rains would keep on pouring down.

Now I have taken down my fears
Into the deep blue sky I would rise,
Pure and graceful the sun would smile,
The breeze of freedom keep me calm,
My joy and gladness knows no bound,
Amongst the Eagles circling round,
I am the steemjet born to fly,
Among the heavens that's my home.
.....kazer 2018
Tm-Narcissus... Tm-beast... Tm-god.
Image design by @chukwunalu.
Steemjet poem for @dimimp.


Beautiful poem dear @kamiikazer!

Keep up the good work, your effort is very much appreciated.

I believe @dimimp will found it captivating.

Thank you.


Thank you very much @rextyge.

Wow I love this peom.
Its really nice. Please you need to check this out @dimimp. This is really something this is good.

Thanks so much @narcicuss it really something.

The rhyme scheme and choice of words make it sound like a light hearted poem. But it has a certain kind of depth and meaning to it. I think thats what beautifies it @kamiikazer... :)

Thanks so much @illusions16. I do my best

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Love poems about flying, but then I am a pilot with his head in the clouds. See you up there.

Thanks so much @machnbirdsparo. Am right on the way up.

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