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What a time to be on Steemit!

Within the week we received 1000 steem power delegation from @dimimp for being part of the SteemJet's Space Force and this is the farthest we've come in rewarding our members and members of the SteemJet Community.

Thanks to the delegation from @dimimp, our mission can be carried out more efficiently and effectively. We intend to stick with the old plan - Improving our online and offline communities.

For the Offline - We will organize more meetups and seminars to introduce more people to steemit. We will print more T - shirts and flyers for viral promotion.

For the Online - we will curate quality posts from our members who use the SteemJet and Kabolo tags. Contests and giveaways will be organized more frequently for active members to benefit.

The main goal of #Kabolo is to empower local youths around us just as we have been empowered and to build a formidable online community who would build our dream future

Special thanks to @shartzy, @udembahenry, @chukwunalu, @lucentbritex, @tudors, @annyvery1 all members of the SteemJet space force who delegated some of their voting power to us by following our curation trail.

Life is greener when you're sure of rewards for your efforts, don't forget to use the #SteemJet and #kabolo tag.


Steemjet all the way but something not really clear to me. Is it that, any post we create at all can carry the steemjet tag or is it post only relating to the steemjet contests??

I think that steemjet tags should be used on posts that are motivational, related to crypto, and good research topics. I don't know how everything at the top works but I'm a spaceforce member and I curate quality posts with the SteemJET tag, and also comments on my personal blog.

I am getting different responses. Others are saying is for steemjet project only. Can the steemjet sit and conclude on that because am avoiding flagging.

Maybe you should just do what the people from SF1 tell you.

To get upvote from @wafrica, the post needs at least 300 characters! Please describe your work in detail ;-)

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