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The SteemJet vision is headed in a new direction after the insane success of the first stages and we are proud to be part of that.

Nothing beats talent backed up with passion and hustle, mere talent is not enough.
We have scouted and have brought to you the most talented duo on the blockchain, on steemit and now on steemJet.
It took just persuasion and tucks in the right direction, recording for steemJet is equally as profitable and we will show them.

We brought them together for a steemJet freestyle session and see, BooM!
Original material by @giftk and Eddie still waiting account confirmation.
Imagine what this two will do with the right motivation.

Thank you for believing in us @dimimp, we are glad to be part of your dream.

Thanks to the whole team as always, you guys rock.


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This is dope!

Steemit's got talent!!!

Wow. This is good. Nice Job.. Kabolo is the Place of Steemjet Stars

Nice. Grassroot talent

Oshhhhhheeeeeeyyyy badddesttt

A song and an accompanying music video contract has been given out and will be out before the end of the week.

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