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Hey everyone... First of all, I would like to thank my bro @dannytroniz for making me know about this wonderful contest. I almost was kind of reluctant to do it but he encouraged me plus I owe him one.

Also a big thank you to the organizers @lordjames, sir @dimimp, @sf7 , and also the rest of the competitors if I may say @jogreh, @mbj, @geyzee, @folly-pandy..... You guys did awesomely-great, love your designs and everyone who participated, you guys did great.

I was shocked as at last night when I heard about it because as I wrote in my entry, I kind of made it known that it was my first design... I might as well encourage you guys to continue to keep up the good work as we help build a flourishing steemit community to achieve our goal.

I look forward to doing that and seeing or maybe meeting you guys in other contests.... #steemjet 4eva




Congrats. Glad you are doing just fine here. More grease to your elbow

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